New Joker Pic Has Led To Some Lovely Meme’s

“New Joker Pic From David Ayer Has Produced Some Interesting Memes”

BY now I am sure that you have seen the first image of the Joker that was released by David Ayer yesterday. Most critics are really on the fence about what appears to be the studio’s new approach to the classic villain. Can this joker elevate a villain to a new level of infamy, or get lost looking like someone on “Lockup: Raw”.

I feel that the Joker is an iconic villain that should be getting an appearance akin to Jack the Ripper or a famous American serial killer. This is where his cunning would really thrive. I don’t think that he should have the grill and all of the tattoos. I have tattoos myself, and it still feels over-the-top and tacky. For a villain that once said on-screen, “This town needs a better class of criminal,” it appears that Ayers and his team have disregarded class in favor of a thug approach. I was completely on-board with the suicide squad until the release of this character.

There might be something to consider here. With today being the 75th anniversary of the Joker, Ayer could have used the tattoo’s to reference past Jokers, or things from the comics over the past 75 years. If this is the case I think that the world will breathe a bit easier.

This announcement also rides in on the announcement (via Heat Vision) that Frank Miller will be doing another Batman comic run, making this his third run in the series. His first run was 1985’s “The Dark Knight Returns”, then 2001’s “The Dark Knight Strikes Again”, and now we will get eight more comics from Miller that are simply titled, “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.” The comic will be co-written with Brian Azzarello, and is due on shelves in the fall.

The best thing that has surfaced overnight is the fact that the Joker image has brought an onslaught of similar styled memes. Here is a list (via of some of the best ones on the internet. You can check them out below: