Hannibal Season 3: Richard Armitage never watched show before taking role

Hannibal Season 3 is right around the corner, and Richard Armitage is doing the interview rounds as the newest cast member and the voice of the season so far. 


When it was announced that The Hobbit star Richard Armitage was going to be joining the cast of Hannibal Season 3, many speculated as the the size of the role he’d play. When it was discovered that he’d be playing the Tooth Fairy — otherwise known as Francis Dolarhyde — it became clear that his role with the show would be a significant one.

Further proof that Armitage is onboard for the long haul, or at least a large haul, is seen in the fact that NBC is trotting him out for interviews to hype the premiere of the season on June 4th.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Richard Armitage spoke about becoming Francis Dolarhyde and noted that before he took on the role of The Tooth Fairy he had never seen an episode if Hannibal.

“I wasn’t familiar with the show, and even before I’d read the script I was already saying yes because it was Bryan Fuller,” Armitage told Digital Spy. “I just wanted to work with him.

It’s been a mystery as to just how large of a role we can expect Armitage to play in the third season of Hannibal, but the fact that he’s being given the interview rounds seems to suggest his part won’t be a small one. Then again, he’s a recognizable face coming off The Hobbit franchise and he’s going to be a major selling tool for the series moving forward.

There’s also the face that Francis Dolarhyde is a major character in the mythology of Hannibal, and having someone like Rhcard Armitage behind that character is something that fills fans with a lot of hope for what this season will hold.

Hannibal Season 3 premieres on June 4th on NBC.