The Avengers vs. Team Arrow: Which Heroes Will Reign Supreme

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Credit: The CW / Marvel

Does The Flash have what it takes to out run Quicksilver? If Iron Man and The A.T.O.M were to battle it out in the streets, which super-suit would hold out the longest? Does The Arrow have it in him to take down an American Icon? You’re about to find out the answers to these questions and more as Hidden Remote presents: The Avengers vs. Team Arrow!

As a television site Hidden Remote typically strays away from movie related content -unless it pertains to a television series such as the Entourage film. However there was no way we could simply sit by the wayside as Marvel prepares to release what will likely be the biggest opening weekend in cinematic history.

After bouncing ideas back and fourth, we finally decided on what we believe will be a unique and enjoyable feature for Avenger fans and Hidden Remote subscribers alike: The Avengers vs. Team Arrow.

Think of this feature as the ultimate superhero showdown. A battle between the Marvel cinematic universe and the DC television universe featuring eight match-ups comprised of the greatest heroes of the modern superhero era.

Over the course of eight rounds, The Avengers and Team Arrow will collide through a string on one-on-one battles. For each battle our panel of experts – comprised of various members of the FanSided Entertainment division – will weigh in on which hero they believe would win in a one-on-one match-up.

When reading through our analyses keep in mind that we are not debating which superhero would win based on their comic book origins or past television/cinematic history. Our decisions are based strictly on the current characters being represented in both the Marvel cinematic universe and the DC television universe.

Will Captain America take down The Arrow? Does the Black Canary have it in her to defeat the Black Widow? Who really is the fastest man alive? Read on to hear our takes on these super-sized battles and don’t forget to weigh in with your selections!

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