New Hannibal Book Details The Gnarly Art Of The TV Series

A new behind the scenes book from Hannibal gives us a stomach turning look inside what it’s like to create the world of Hannibal Lectar. 


Hannibal is one of the best shows on television at the moment, but it’s also one of the most brutal and controversial. The grotesque nature of the series is something that probably would have made it a Marilyn Manson-style hit in the 1990s, but today it’s swept t o the Friday night block of NBC’s lineup.

But the fact that it’s on NBC and that it has returned to the Thursday night set is huge, and it shows how far we have come with what we are willing to show on television.

The new book highlights the art of Hannibal — and as disgusting as the show can be at times, there’s no doubt a deep level of art production that goes into bring the show out from the depth of hell.

Here are the two pictures we can stomach showing you, as some of the photos from behind the scenes are graphic and disturbing — and strangely artful.

The fact that the pictures we can’t show are so brutally disgusting that they make your stomach turn, yet make you wonder how they did it is the beauty of Hannibal. It’s a show about a man who eats other people, yet the production and the care that goes into the series is phenomenal.

Sure, someone has to make a realistic looking dummy with the middle of it’s head half sawed off and gaping open, but there’s something oddly wonderful that this can be not only made without cruel intentions but then shown on a major network. That’s how far we’ve come with entertainment and it’s a good sign for the future quality of television.