Gillian Anderson Keeps Her Dolls In Weird Places (Photo)

Hannibal is going to be returning in less than a month, and Gillian Anderson is teasing fans in more than one way — in fittingly bizarre ways.


We have less than a month to go until Hannibal returns to television, and we’re starting to get teases left and right regarding the show’s premiere.

Hannibal is one of the most bizarre shows on television, and the marketing campaign has been similarly weird in hyping the return. From a nasty book detailing the artwork of Hannibal to teases from Bryan Fuller that are equally as gross, the teases for Hannibal have been interesting and infrequent.

But when they pop up, they’re usually something worth talking about — like this interesting tease from Gillian Anderson.

In a teaser for the new season of Hannibal, Gillian Anderson showed off just how close to her heart she keeps a Funko doll made in her likeness.

This works as two things at once, as it’s siaulatantiously an ad for Funko dolls while also functioning as a reminder to tell us that Gillian Anderson is on Hannibal and the show is coming back soon.

No matter how bizarre this ad is, the fact of the matter is the show is popular enough that the people who were supposed to get this tweet got it. Hannibal has been away from us for far too long, and the bottom line is the show is returning and it’s looking like this could be one of the best seasons of the series so far.