This Breaking Bad Saul Goodman action figure will make the wait for season two of Better Call Saul easier (Photo)

Mezco Toys is releasing a Saul Goodman Breaking Bad action figure this summer.

Can’t wait for season two of Better Call Saul? Why not make your own Albuquerque adventures with this new Breaking Bad Saul Goodman figure?

Mezco Toys announced earlier today that they will be releasing this Saul Goodman action figure for the summer:

A Heisenberg figure was released earlier this year from Threezero. This Goodman figure now offers the perfect opportunity to pretend you’re Vince Gilligan. If the Breaking Bad finale didn’t play out as you desired get Heisenberg together with Saul Goodman and make your own ending.

Mezco’s creation comes complete with Goodman in one of his flashy suits and bluetooth headset. There’s also an office diorama included.

The toy company will have the figure going up for sale online on Friday, May 15th. Yes…that’s only two days away. Orders will begin being sent out on July 6th.

Mezco is manufacturing a limited amount, so get your hands on mini Saul Goodman while you can!

The real Saul Goodman will be back for the second season of his spin-off in early 2016.