7 times Jimmy McGill dropped some knowledge on season one of Better Call Saul

Season one of Better Call Saul was filled with inspiring words from Jimmy McGill.

We knew from Breaking Bad that Saul Goodman was capable of elegantly stringing words of insightful wisdom together. Goodman always had a way to ease the tension of running an illegal meth operation.

His comedic contributions were crucial to the show, giving fans a moment of relief during all the tense moments of Breaking Bad.

Jimmy McGill may not be up to the Goodman’s vocal standards quite yet but the guy has some moxie. It’s evident with his speech that he’s on the right path to landing ad space on local television stations for some sub par commercials.

Here are seven times when Jimmy McGill dropped some knowledge on viewers during season one of Better Call Saul.

1. That occasion when he reminded you how to properly insult someone:

“Blow my magic flute.”


2. That time he offered up his knowledge of this New Mexico city:

“Only two things I know about Albuquerque – Bugs Bunny should’ve taken a left turn there. And give me a hundred tries, I’ll never be able spell it.”


3. This moment when he voiced his thoughts on the bar exam:

“The bar exam’s a mother. I mean, for me it was. I failed it the first two times, but I guess it’s like losing your virginity, third time’s the charm.”


4. When revealed what years of studying law taught him:

“Interstate commerce is a bitch.”


5. That time he gave this flattering description of Mike Ehrmantraut:

“Look, don’t let Mr. Ehrmantraut’s dancing eyes and bubbly bon vivant personality fool you. He’s actually believe it or not, somewhat taciturn.”


6. This particular occurrence when he compared himself to a prominent religious leader:

“Dalai Lama’s got nothing on me.”


7. When he pointed to what you should really look for when you’re looking to rent office spaces:

“Yeah, I like the openness. I feel like I can breathe in here, you know? It’s not some claustrophobic, little closet that smells like acetone. Room to grow. Dream big, I say.”


Yes, Jimmy…keep on dreaming.

These phrases demonstrate that McGill is well on his way to living up to his Saul Goodman potential. Here’s a look into his promising future:

Jimmy McGill will be back for season two of Better Call Saul in early 2016.