Better Call Saul news: Emmy updates & Goodman’s best quotes on Breaking Bad

Fans would like to live their lives following the wise words of Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul.

Fans have loved the Saul Goodman persona since Breaking Bad, and now they have a new source of addiction with Better Call Saul. The spin-off cemented itself as the best new series on cable with its first season. It’s about time it starts getting attention from some very important people.

Emmy rumors are circulating and fans are hoping that Better Call Saul is included as a subject. We’re hopeful to see Bob Odenkirk, Michael McKean, and Jonathan Banks each receive nominations for their acting. The show is conducting its own efforts to draw attention with its recent Emmy FYC campaign.

Design and Trend takes a look back at what makes Better Call Saul so great, they recently listed some of Goodman’s best quotes from Breaking Bad.

“Thank goodness Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), also known as Jimmy McGill, was given his own show, Better Call Saul, because it means many more future quotables from Albuquerque’s silver-tongued lawyer. Let’s take a look at the eight best Saul-isms that Mr. McGill has given us thus far.”

Critics should remember these words of wisdom as they construct Emmy ballots. Better Call Saul also holds a unique status in the world of television. The show is a sort of comedy/drama hybrid. Will this hurt its chances of winning an award?

“Do we think that the show is a serious contender to win a Primetime Emmy Award? That is an entirely different story. This is a very competitive sort of situation, and spin-offs/sequels do not tend to always fare pretty well. Also, the show is probably hurt somewhat by the fact that it is a little bit of a hybrid. It is not dramatic enough to be considered one of the heavier dramas out there. Meanwhile, it is not comedic enough to be a comedy.”

CarterMatt discusses Better Call Saul’s chances for receiving an Emmy once nominations are handed out.

The Emmys will air on September 20th, 2015 at 8 PM ET.

Better Call Saul will be back for its second season in early 2016.