Explore Walter White’s cabin from the final episodes of Breaking Bad (Video)

This 3D environment artist crafted a virtual version of Walter White’s cabin from Breaking Bad.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip to Walter White’s secluded cabin on Breaking Bad, now you have your chance. This fan used their amazing talent to create a digital version of the atmosphere.

YouTube user/artist, Edvinas Petrauskas, created this insanely detailed environment. You can watch a tour here:

Walter White fled to the cabin with a new identity after he was the subject of a manhunt. The small cabin is located in New Hampshire, which is obviously a long way from New Mexico.

Saul Goodman followed a similar path but ended up in Nebraska working at a Cinnabon. Better Call Saul fans might be a little familiar with that certain scenario.

Petrauskas created the scene with Unreal Engine 4. The program is utilized by game developers to create virtual environments. You can get a closer look at Petrauskas’s creation on his digital portfolio.

Breaking Bad co-creator, Peter Gould, congratulated the artist earlier today:

According to his portfolio, Petrauskas will be releasing a playable demo in the near future!

The Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, will be back for its second season in early 2016.

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