Breaking Bad’s Matt Jones reveals his favorite moment from being on the show

The actor that played Badger on Breaking Bad tweeted about a memorable moment he experienced while working on the show.

Breaking Bad fans remember Matt Jones as Jesse Pinkman’s friend, Badger. Badger was enlisted to help distribute the meth that Pinkman and Walter White cooked in Albuquerque.

Badger was instrumental into introducing Saul Goodman to the show. White and Pinkman called on for Goodman’s legal help once Badger got busted selling drugs. The two shared a sentimental moment when they first entered into their business deal:

Matt Jones took to Twitter earlier today to share some Breaking Bad nostalgia. His favorite moment from acting on the show occurred while he was playing Badger during a season 1 extra minisode.

Here was Jones’s tweet:

Here is the clip that Jones shared along with it:

The clip captures a hilarious scene shared by Badger and Walter White. Badger’s stupidity clashes with Walter White’s wit. The two make for an amusing attempt at a B&E that doesn’t even end up with anything being broken.

Since Breaking Bad, Matt Jones has starred in episodes of Mom and NCIS. A Better Call Saul cameo could be in his future but there’s no indication that it will ever occur.

The scene with Goodman and Badger in the police interrogation room was likely their first encounter. However, writers can be extremely creative when they bring Breaking Bad characters to the spin-off. If Jesse Pinkman ever makes an appearance, Badger could be tagging along too.

The Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, will be back for its second season in early 2016.


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