The Dramatics: A Comedy is A Different Kind of Rom-Com

The Dramatics (A Comedy) is a different kind of romantic comedy. It’s a film that takes a look at what happens at home while actors are “in love” with another person at work. There aren’t too many, if any, movies that explore this side of Hollywood.

Directed by veteran UCB comedian Scott Rodgers, the film stars Kat Foster, Scott Rodgers, Pablo Schreiber, Riki Lindhome, Timm Sharp and Sean Astin. Foster and Rodgers wrote the script, which was loosely based on their own lives.

I’ve enjoyed Foster’s work since I first saw her on the FOX sitcom, ‘Til Death. She shows her comedy range in this film in ways that she could never do on broadcast and cable television. Although, to be fair, I didn’t see her performance in Weeds. It was Foster’s name in the cast that piqued my interest as I was viewing the upcoming guide of Showtime movies prior to the last week. As such, I knew I had to watch this film.

Foster stars as the out-of-work actress Katie. When she lands a role in a movie adaptation of a best-selling book, her boyfriend, Paul, a stoner, tries his best to be supportive. This is easier said than done one considers that the film is going to be sexually explicit and that Katie will have to shoot racy scenes with Oscar-winning playboy Bryan J. Macy (Pablo Schreiber). One can see how this becomes a nightmare for Paul.

Not only does Katie have to head overseas for six months to shoot the film, Paul has to do with her shooting scenes with Macy. He barely even gets out a “Congratulations.”

More than having trouble with her boyfriend in the congratulations department, Katie doesn’t feel that she’s hot enough to be in the role. Anxiously, she’ll turn to anyone for support. This includes Jacqueline (Rosemarie Dewitt), an acting coach that takes her job way too seriously; Alex Dixon (Sean Astin), an old love of hers that became a sitcom star; and Macy, too. Not being made easy on Paul, he teaches am improv class and starts to become friends with Abigail (the very funny and talented Riki Lindhome of Garfunkel and Oates fame). Abigail helps Paul with trying to relax, so to speak.

Katie’s last day in town is when tensions between the two increase to the point where hearts get broken and lives are forever changed.

Currently running on Showtime, the movie hits Netflix on Wednesday, June 10.