‘Hannibal’: Should Fannibals Be Concerned About Gaumont?

Many Fannibals are worried about NBC renewing Hannibal — should we also be concerned about Gaumont?

With the start of Hannibal Season 3 last week, many Fannibals are already concerned about whether NBC will renew the show for a fourth season. Some Fannibals are keeping a close eye on the viewership ratings (which, with the +3 days, we have gone up 29% from the live viewing, to .09 according to Zap2it). However, there is another issue, aside from ratings, that I am concerned about that many are not discussing… Gaumont International.

Part of the reason that NBC has been willing to air Hannibal (and renew it for Seasons 2 and 3, despite low ratings) is because they don’t really pay much for the show. Gaumont International, instead, is the studio that owns Hannibal and foots the majority of the bill. From what I can tell, Gaumont provides the budget for the show. (I’ve contacted Gaumont to try to verify this, but have not received a reply as of yet.) So, why is Gaumont something I’m a bit concerned about?

In previous seasons, the production took eight days per episode, plus second unit shooting, and a lot of overtime; this has been mentioned a few times by Hannibal showrunner, Bryan Fuller, in various interviews. Fuller told Digital Spy, however, that with Season 3 they were forced to try to cut production back to seven days and not use second unit shooting.

Furthermore, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fuller revealed, “There were a lot of things that I said I needed if I was going to return for a third season. Those things were agreed upon. And then when we sat down to actually produce the show, it was with less money and more restrictions. It ended up blowing up in everybody’s faces, because it was an unrealistic approach to producing the season.” Fuller also said in the EW interview that they actually did end up going over budget.  

And then when we sat down to actually produce the show, it was with less money and more restrictions.

So, upon the beginning of production of Hannibal Season 3, Fuller was given a smaller budget and additional production constraints, presumably by Gaumont. This, incidentally, is why the season was pushed out until June. According to the Digital Spy interview, Fuller had to fight for four months in order to receive the things he needed to produce the high quality show we are accustomed to.

If Fuller had these issues with Season 3, will he have to deal with these same problems if we get Season 4? Will he have to battle with budget and production-time restrictions again? If so, what will that mean for the show? Worse yet, is it possible for Gaumont to drop the show?