Lynch Likely To Shoot Twin Peaks Season 3 Digitally

25 years ago the original run of Twin Peaks was shot on celluloid, proper film stock. Its a little grainy compared to today’s standards but it gave the show a very warm look. However, Lynch has since abandoned the idea of shooting on film, everything he does now is recorded digitally.

David Lynch recently did a Q&A with students from the Marharishi University of Management, the question and answers session which took place in Lynch’s recording studio was for those taking the David Lynch MA in Film course.

Lynch was asked by one of the students if he would ever consider using celluloid again his answer was that he may for still images but not for cinema. The follow up question however, was much more enlightening in regards to how Twin Peaks will be shot. When asked if he would ever use celluloid for television he had this to say:

“No, no, no. It would be ridiculous. It’s all gonna end up on TV anyway. So many things get lost from celluloid to the final…whatever your showing on.”

So if you are a fan of the sharp, high definition look of the modern era you will no doubt be happy that the picturesque landscapes of Twin Peaks will be present in all their glory. Though if you prefer the look of the original series you may not take kindly to this news.

Personally, I am glad that he is shooting Twin Peaks digitally. Don’t get me wrong I love the visual feel of the series, I just think it may be hard for the show to compete when it looks a different way to the other products out there. I think Lynch is not only making a creative decision, because as he said some things can be lost on celluloid. But also a business decision. It is important that although the show has its own creative style, Twin Peaks is revolutionised for what may be a golden age for television.