How Do You Think ‘Hannibal’ Should End?

I have an idea for how Hannibal could end — and I want to know yours!

First things first — I know, you don’t want Hannibal to end. Neither do I! (At least not until showrunner Bryan Fuller is good and ready to end the series the way he sees fit.)

As I’m sure many of you do, I’ve still got my hands together prayer Emoji-style in hopes that someone will pick up the show for at least one more season, and would be beyond thrilled if Fuller got to make the six he has planned.

That said, for some time now, I’ve had a very specific vision for the final moments of the series, and it involves a particular FBI trainee most Fannibals will surely know of:

The Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, about five years after the events of the Red Dragon arc. Frederick Chilton leads an unseen person to Hannibal Lecter’s cell, where Hannibal stands facing away from the camera, studying a book of art.

Frederick, disdainfully, before leaving: Dr. Lecter, you have a visitor — one of Crawford’s trainees.

A woman’s voice, offscreen: Hello, Dr. Lecter.

Hannibal turns to face the camera and smiles his jackal smile.


Okay, I know, it’s kind of rough, but I don’t write for TV — that’s Fuller’s job. I just like the idea of the series hinting at Silence of the Lambs, even if it won’t be able to ultimately use the storyline.

Again, I 100% defer to Fuller’s vision of the show’s finale. I just wouldn’t mind if it ended exactly the way I outlined above…

What about you guys? Do you have any ideas for how the show should end (hopefully at least several years from now)?