Patrick Fabian loves posting Better Call Saul selfies

It may have seemed obvious that Howard Hamlin would be back for season two of Better Call Saul, but Patrick Fabian’s selfies prove it.

Better Call Saul’s Patrick Fabian is a heavy Instagram user. Luckily for fans a lot of the posts he shares have to do with the Breaking Bad spinoff.

Fabian shares images of special moments on set and sometimes he just needs to remind fans of how awesome he is by sending out a selfie. Here’s an example that Fabian posted earlier this week:

Monday Morning Grind. #HHM #BetterCallSaul #ABQ

A photo posted by Patrick Fabian (@officialpatrickfabian) on Aug 3, 2015 at 6:38am PDT

Howard Hamlin is back in the Hamlindigo suit but it will be interesting to see how his character is depicted on season two. “#Hamlindigo” will probably even soon be a thing.

Fans were led to believe that Hamlin had been a villain for most of season one but by the end of the it, fans got to see Hamlin’s true colors. And these had nothing to do with a certain shade of blue.

Hamlin had developed into a sort of caretaker for Chuck once Jimmy decided to sever his ties with his older brother. Hamlin sent over an intern from the firm to assist Chuck in the areas that Jimmy once had, this will probably continue on with season two.

It’s a mystery as to how involved within Jimmy’s life Howard will be. They both came to an understanding by the end of season one; the two are no longer enemies.

They may not be best friends but Jimmy probably won’t be erecting a Jamlin billboard with the sole intention of pissing off Howard next season. Hamlin is also a strong presence within the life of Kim Wexler, which also presents an opportunity for him to stay connected within Jimmy’s life.

There are plenty of secondary characters which fans can speculate about during the Better Call Saul off-season. Fabian gifts us with some fabulous selfie reminders that we should do so not only for his character, but for others as well.

Better Call Saul will be back for season two in early 2016.

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