Watch The Promos For ‘Hannibal’ 3×10 ‘And The Woman Clothed In Sun’ (Video)

Check out the previews for an all-new episode of Hannibal.

We have four episodes left of Hannibal (Season 3, anyway) and given everything that happens in the Red Dragon arc, two-and-a-half hours just doesn’t seem like enough time. Of course, this is less because of showrunner Bryan Fuller’s abilities and more the fact that as we creep closer to the finale without news of a pickup is making me very nervous.

Anyway… Much like the previous two Hannibals, tonight’s episode, “And the Woman Clothed in Sun,” will feature a number of moments from the book, as well as a number of moments in neither the book nor the movie.

As you can see in the below promo (courtesy of Canadian channel CityTV), Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) and Francis Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage) will continue their phone conversation (which Hannibal imagines taking place in the office of his Memory Palace); Francis will visit the Brooklyn Museum to steal William Blake’s Red Dragon painting; and Will (Hugh Dancy) and Francis will come face-to-face. (That last one might be a hallucination?)

Another promo reveals that Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) has written a book based on her experiences with Hannibal (I wonder whether hers outsold Frederick Chilton’s) and is doing a lecture tour. During one of her stops, Will approaches her to discuss Hannibal, asking whether her former “husband” has contacted her.

“He sends me greeting cards,” she says dryly.

Here are a couple other tidbits we know about “And the Woman Clothed in Sun:”

• Francis will take Reba to the zoo
• Zachary Quinto will reprise his role as Bedelia’s patient Neal Frank (who will appear alive this time around)

The official synopsis for “And the Woman Clothed in Sun” reads:

Carvings symbolizing the Great Red Dragon, retrieved from crime scenes, help Will Graham and the FBI shed light on Francis Dolarhyde’s disturbing psychology. Meanwhile, Dolarhyde finds ways to communicate directly with Hannibal Lecter regarding his “becoming.” Will feels his bond with Hannibal growing uncomfortably stronger, and seeks out Bedelia Du Maurier, the only other person who fully understands the complexities of such a relationship.

Tune into the remaining Hannibal Season 3 episodes Saturdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.