5 Best Teen Dramas of All Time

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My So Called Life – Teen Dramas. Photo: ABC

It’s back to school time and Hidden Remote is busting out our high school faves.  Follow along as we break down the 5 best teen dramas of all time!

Being a teen is the best of times and the worst of times.  It’s a time of freedom and self exploration as well as soul crushing insecurity and angst.

We’ve all been there.  Trying to figure out who you are and what you want amidst a sea of raging hormones and a desire to grow up a bit too fast can be tough.

Some teen shows are great at encapsulating the struggle of teenage life in America…and some not so much.  We’re here to celebrate the series that got it right.  The ones that touched something within our teen and adult selves and brought us back to a time where things were simpler, but seemed like really really hard.

These series paved the way for the realistic and complex portrayal of teens on TV, and are still being discovered by viewers today.  Activate that Netflix queue, and grab some popcorn, because it’s time for a back to school binge!

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