Hannibal Fannibals Take Over Twitter

Not only did Fannibals STORM Twitter during the finale, they quickly organized Hannibal re-watches afterward.

I want to take this moment to first congratulate my fellow Fannibals on such a fantastic job on Saturday when the Hannibal finale aired. Not only did we trend #HannibalMicDrop, but we trended it for at least 7 hours! Amazing!! In addition to that, we grabbed that coveted number 1 Nielsen Twitter ratings spot, but we didn’t just take number 1; in the process we slayed the other shows! (Go ahead, click on that link and just look at those numbers!) For that matter, we far surpassed our previous weeks’ numbers. I was so impressed! It truly was a great showing of love and support for this show and for the cast and crew; makes me so proud to be a Fannibal.

In a previous article, I mentioned that there was going to be a special hashtag for the the night of the finale, #BigFannibalHug, which was part of a special project to show our love and appreciation for the cast and crew. For those that did not see the end result of the project, you can see the mosaic picture here and the #BigFannibalHug tribute video here. Our beloved showrunner, Bryan Fuller saw the video and tweeted his appreciation for the Fannibals.

I also wanted to take this time to also encourage my fellow Fannibals to not give up hope. Though the season has ended (and what a finale it was!), that doesn’t mean the show is done. Personally, after that finale we had, I fully believe that someone will rescue our show. Fuller has said in a number of interviews, including this one, that they are looking into various options, including possibly doing a film. Additionally, he has said in another interview that perhaps if American Gods does well on Starz Network, that maybe they will then pick up Hannibal. So, don’t give up hope yet, Fannibals.

I have seen a number of Fannibals inquiring about possibly starting some sort of crowdfunding to help save our show. De Laurentiis Company is aware of the Fannibals’ desire to help in this manner and sent out a tweet recently saying to hold off on such efforts; that an official announcement will be made at some point in time.


What we can do, in the meantime, is continue our Hannibal chatter on Twitter. Many Fannibals are having re-watches, starting with Season 1 Episode 1. U.S. Fannibals are doing theirs on Thursdays at 10pm EST/7pm PST; each week there will be a new hashtag, so be on the look for the information on Twitter. Our re-watch of “Apéritif” was on 3 September, and “Amuse Bouche” will be 10 September. International Fannibals are doing their re-watches on Saturdays at 8pm GMT+1 (their viewing of “Apéritif” will be on 5 September and they will use #TheyKnow). Hopefully, I will see many of you live tweeting during the re-watches; we have to stick together during this potentially long HeAteUs (hiatus).

There will also be a special tweeting event, using #FannibalsArentDone, starting at 9pm EST/6pm PST on Saturday, 5 September. During the two hours of tweeting, Fannibals will tweet to Fuller, as well as numerous networks, to show that we want more Hannibal. Suggested (by this author) networks to tag include (but not limited to), Starz Channel, HBO, Showtime (@SHO_Network), AMC (@AMC_TV), FXNetworks, Hulu, YahooScreen, and USA (@USA_Network).

Again, I want to say congratulations on such a wonderful, amazing turnout for the live tweeting during the finale. I am so proud to be a part of this fandom. I do believe we have the best fandom; it actually feels more like a family.