Bob Odenkirk is “acting [his] pants off” for season two of Better Call Saul

As fans could have expected, Bob Odenkirk is giving his all for Better Call Saul’s second season.

Bob Odenkirk wowed fans with his performance of Jimmy McGill throughout season one of Better Call Saul. He has the Critics’ Choice award to prove it, and soon he might have the Emmy that will do the same. Season one may be long over but that doesn’t mean that he has been taking a break from his persona from Cicero, Illinois.

Odenkirk joins the rest of the BCS crew in the Albuquerque sun as they film season two. Jonathan Banks has already told fans they will be seeing more details behind Mike’s character, will Jimmy be a significant part of these moments?

Odenkirk chatted with Variety about his new sketch comedy show and also his recent adventures while gearing up for the second season of the Breaking Bad spinoff. The actor had a few choice words when he described his workload. He so eloquently put it that he’s been “acting [his] pants off.”

His speech got a little more sophisticated when he dove into the requisites of the gig:

“The job demands it. It certainly takes up all of my energy and focus to do this wonderful writing well. I have had so many different things, and I enjoy doing them, but I’ve got to really check myself when I do this show and take note of how well-written it is and how complex the emotional moments are. I have to bring it and get there and do them right, or otherwise it would be embarrassing.”

So Odenkirk is focusing on keeping his pants intact while he zones in on the overall writing when he’s on-set for Better Call Saul. That’s a special kind of talent.

Bob went on to confirm that season two will be ready to debut in February of 2016. Until then- fans can catch him at the 67th Primetime Emmys on September 20th, 2015 at 8 PM ET on Fox.