‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’: How to Say ‘Groovy’ in 9 Languages

Deadites around the world will be headed to their worksheds on October 31st.  Thanks to a sweet deal from network Starz, ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ will premiere worldwide on the spookiest of holidays.  Follow along with Hidden Remote as we learn how to say ‘groovy’ in 9 different languages.

This year, Halloween will be celebrated around the world.

Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead will be coming to a country near you, thanks to some wheeling and dealing over at the pay-cable network.  Over 100 countries and territories will be offering up the series premiere of the show on the spookiest of holidays, Halloween.  While many other countries do not celebrate the very American custom, they’ll certainly be reveling in some undead action on the last day of October.

According to a press release, this worldwide deal is the first of its kind at Starz.  Due to the heavy nostalgia factor surrounding the return of the groovily gory world created by Sam Rami and brought to life by star Bruce Campbell in the 80’s, there’s a vocal demand for the show around the globe.

Michael Thornton, CRO for Starz stated:

“Fans of ‘The Evil Dead’ have spoken with great passion and interest around the world, sparking high buyer demand for ‘Ash vs Evil Dead.’  We are delighted to be able to provide flexibility to many of the key buyers serviced by Starz Worldwide Distribution and Starz Digital, and thus allow for a wave of local ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ worldwide premieres on the ‘groovy’ date of October 31.

Now, the question of how to celebrate in each country.  True Deadites know that you just need to get one key word on lock to be a part of the official crew.  Groovy.  With some help from Google translate, we’re breaking down the word in 9 different languages, so that you can be prepared wherever in the world the Dead strike. Chainsaw optional.

Ash vs Evil Dead – based on Evil Dead series. Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead. Photo: Giphy
  • English: “Groovy.”
  • Canadian: “Groovy, eh?”
  • Spanish: “Maravilloso.”
  • Russian: “заводной.” (pronounced: zavodnoy)
  • French: “Groovy.”
  • Portuguese: “Groovy.”
  • Sweedish: “Groovy.”
  • Japanese: “グルービー” (pronounced: Gurūbī)
  • Danish: “Groovy.”

Seems like “groovy” is pretty much a universal thing already. Score one for Ash.

The following global partners will participate in the distribution of the show on the premiere date, ensuring that no one will have to deal with the scariest thing of all: Spoilers.

Check out a list of participating networks below:

  • Amedia (Russia/CIS)
  • C More (Scandinavia)
  • FOX Action on FOX+ Premium service/FOX Latin America Channels (Latin America/Brazil)
  • SKY TV (New Zealand)
  • Stan (Australia)
  • STARZ PLAY Arabia (Middle East/North Africa)
  • Super Channel (Canada)

If you’re in America, you can watch the premiere on Starz.  Ash vs. Evil Dead airs on Saturday, October 31st.