5 ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Songs We Can’t Get Out Of Our Head

Four episodes in and we’re hooked. ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ has gotten into our head – and so have the show’s breakout musical numbers.

The CW comedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, features several music videos each week, and the first few episodes have already given us enough material to fill a soundtrack album. (Seriously, CW, we need that soundtrack album!)

Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) may have left the Big Apple for a high school crush and a California beach town (two hours from the beach, four hours in traffic!), but she also left us with a slew of songs we can’t stop singing. And we’re really, really grateful.

“West Covina”

The show’s opening homage to the Cali city that Rebecca moves to is  a full-blown musical production that ends with the show’s star swinging on a gigantic pretzel at an outdoor West Covina mall. Bloom has admitted she has always felt like a “weird theater kid,” and she said the shoot was actually therapeutic for her.

Sexy Getting Ready Song”

The things women do for beauty! Rebecca’s pre-party prep is detailed in this  hilarious song about getting in touch with one’s feminine side. Unfortunately, her grooming ritual — which involves sloughing, waxing, mustache bleaching and plucking —  is anything but sexy. Just ask the grossed-out rapper who pops in midway through her routine.

“Good At Yoga”

A session at a yoga class hosted by the gorgeous girlfriend of her ex-beau Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) has Rebecca trippin’. “Good at Yoga” pays homage to beautiful yoga instructor Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz), a woman who does really  freaky things with her body and makes it known that Rebecca totally sucks.

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“A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes” 

As a tween, poor Rebecca never had a chance to see that boy band concert on Pay-Per-View, so an all-grown-up  Josh  gives her all the boy band she needs when he spawns into four choreographed pop stars who also happen to be “a team of licensed professional mental health professionals.”

 “I Have Friends”

At first, this song could be mistaken for a Disney kiddie tune. Until you hear the words, that is. Part catchy, party sappy, one listen to Rebecca’s inner child trying to convince herself that she actually has friends and you’ll have this song stuck in your head.  All. Day. Long.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Monday nights on The CW.