How to Watch Your Favorite TV Shows Online

If you’re looking for how to watch your favorite TV shows online — on something other than your television — this list of networks and apps is what you need.

Your favorite TV show doesn’t care about your cable provider options, your schedule or your finances. Your show is on a set channel in a set timeslot, but if you’re missing out on seeing it live — you have some options. There are apps that have closed the gap on network and cable providers and seem to be the future of how we watch our favorite programming.

While it seems like every network is expanding their selection, we’ve put together the most popular. Things get a little bit harder to come by compared to sports, but there are still ways to watch your favorite shows on your computer or mobile device. Here are the legal ways that you can watch your favorite TV shows online (subscription may be required):

1. HBO Go

2. HBO Now


4. Watch ABC

5. NBC Live

6. CBS Live

7. The CW

8. Fox Now

9. Cartoon Network

10. FXNow

11. Freeform Live

12. BBC

13. MTV

14. Syfy

15. E! Now

16. TV Land

17. TNT Drama

18. Hallmark Channel Everywhere 

If you’re looking to want to watch a television show but you aren’t able to live stream it or don’t want to risk going a less-than-savory route, here are ways to watch all of your favorite shows after they’ve aired in a safe manner.

1. Amazon Instant Video

2. iTunes

3. Hulu

4. Netflix

Everything you find on this page is legal, and we do not condone using any illegal or pirated streams. With that said, if none of the options above are available to you and you’re feeling like nothing else will do, there are some streams that fall into the questionable realm, but we will not provide those links. It’s important to realize that piracy is illegal and is a serious offense that threatens the industry as a whole.