‘Fargo’: Are Aliens Responsible for Sioux Falls?

Viewers of the first season of ‘Fargo’ know that Season 2 is gearing up for a big showdown at Sioux Falls. All signs point to a possible altercation between the Gerhardts and the Kansas City mafia, but what if the threat was of the otherworldly kind?

Warning: Big spoilers for the first five episodes of ‘Fargo’ Season 2, and mild spoilers for Season 1 follow. Continue at your own risk, don’tcha know?

Erstwhile on Fargo, the Gerhardts and the Kansas City folk had themselves a good old fashioned shoot out. This development happened much earlier on than most viewers expected, as the turf war was anticipated to be the centerpiece of the Sioux Falls debacle so cryptically referred to in Season One.

Sure, the war will most likely escalate over the next few weeks, and with the popo closing in on Ed and Peggy Blumquist, things aren’t looking too good for any of our (anti) heroes. One thing that Fargo did most admirably in Season One is that it always kept viewers guessing. However, at this point in time the Blumquist’s story is starting to look like a Lester Nygaard redux, and the Gerhardts versus the Kansas City mafia is looking like Lorne Malvo versus…the Kansas City mafia.

But what if things took a very strange turn? What have we learned from every single alien movie…ever? A large threat tends to bring people together. What would be more unexpected than abandoning the entire conceit of this Gerhardt/Blumquist/Kansas City triangle and adding in a sinister alien element? At this point, what else could be the catalyst for the portended Sioux Falls incident?

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What we do know about the Sioux Falls incident can be distilled into five simple words: Pure evil came to town. Now, we haven’t met any genuinely soulless characters as of yet in Season Two of Fargo. One could argue that gangsters Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) or Dodd Gerhardt (Jeffrey Donovan) are close but, if we’re being honest, both of these men don’t have the same foreboding, evil quality that Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) exuded in Season One. Besides evil personified, what else could be responsible for Sioux Falls?

Evil aliens. That’s what.

As of right now, we know very little about the alien twist to the plot. Even the actors on the show have been pretty tight lipped about the whole situation, tending to err on the side of “oh it’s nothing.” And, frankly, it might stay that way. Aside from a Rye Gerhardt POV glimpse of a trio of ethereal lights in the sky, we haven’t really seen anything concrete. We can all agree that the ‘sighting’ was a possible cocaine fueled delusion triggered by a stray mylar balloon, but in the strange world of Fargo, it seems more likely that it was an actual alien sighting.

Fargo Season 2, Episode 5, “The Gift of the Magi”. Photo: FX

The most recent clue to this whole extraterrestrial puzzle is little Molly Solverson’s drawing from episode “The Gift of the Magi”. Is it a sun? A UFO? Guys, stop it. Unless Molly is the next Salvador Dali (hint: she’s not) it’s clearly a UFO. We all know that Molly is nothing but a perceptive genius, and her adorable crayon picture may just hold the key to the rest of this season. No one wants to be a dunce like bumbling Bill Oswalt (Bob Odenkirk) from Season One, so we obviously can’t ignore any sort of clues from Molly Solverson.

So what could tiny Molly’s cryptic drawing possibly mean? Short of setting up a Beautiful Mind inspired web chart like Molly in Season One, let’s delve in to the possibilities.

During a recent interview with Bokeem Woodbine, he kept referring to the surreal world of Fargo as the “Fargoverse”. We’re loving this term. It suggests that the show takes place in a universe that’s slightly different than what’s expected.

Is an attempted alien takeover of middle America possible in the Fargoverse? We think so. Generally the glimpses into a world outside of the expected norm have consistently been short, head scratching affairs. It’s rained fish before, but the Fargoverse has never had to deal with an extended foray into the surreal and weird.

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Does creator Noah Hawley have something more inexplicable and paranormal in mind for the back half of Season 2? Probably, but if Season One is any indication, the outcome will be worlds away from what we expect. Possibly literally.

‘Fargo’ Season 2 airs on FX on Monday nights at 10/9c.

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