‘The Walking Dead’ Major Spoilers: Season 6 Mid-Season Finale

After reading the spoiler below, I couldn’t believe it — ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six mid-season finale is going to be awesome! Not caught up to the series or don’t want spoilers for the upcoming episode? Don’t read any further.

***UPDATE! These spoilers will take place in episode nine. For the mid-season finale spoilers. Check HERE!***

Earlier this week, we shared major spoiler for tomorrow’s episode, “Heads Up.” The episode is going to be pretty cool only because we’ll see Glenn come back, but other than that, not much goes on. Well, that may be because The Walking Dead is saving all of the drama and action for the big mid-season finale.

According to Wet Paint, several deaths will be going down in the mid-season finale, titled “Start to Finish.” Not only will several people die, but one iconic and anticipated event will take place. Nope, not Negan. Actually, I’m not sure if Negan will be in the finale, from what I’ve read, he might appear later on. I’m talking about Carl losing an eye. Read on for all of the details!

Giant herds of walkers will break through the walls of Alexandria, it’s fight or die. The official synopsis for “Start to Finish” is: “After having a few moments of peace, trouble finds its way to Alexandria yet again. Only this time, the threat might be too big to defeat.”

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The threat is apparently walkers, and Jessie will grab her sons Sam and Ron to try and escape. Sam is bitten and its too late to save him, but Jessie refuses to let go and holds on to him while also grabbing Carl’s hand. Seeing that Jessie won’t let Carl go, he chops of her arm and she falls into the herd. Ouch, sorry Jessie, Carl is Rick’s number one.

Ron grabs his gun and attempts to shoot Rick and seeing this, but Carl jumps in front of his dad and get shot in the eye! Michonne then kills Ron as Rick goes crazy imagining the worst. The source also teases that Rick will go on a walker-killing spree after this.

Whoa, what a way to close half of the season up! After “Start to Finish,” we’ll have to wait for the series to return from its winter hiatus. And the wait is going to be the longest one yet…talk about a cliffhanger!

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.