A ‘Supernatural’ Thanksgiving: 13 Things to Know If You’re Feasting With the Winchesters

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‘Supernatural’ isn’t much for holiday traditions, but we’re still thankful for the Winchesters.

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles as Sam & Dean Winchester in Supernatural. Photo: CW

But that doesn’t mean that Sam and Dean wouldn’t be good guests at a Thanksgiving dinner. For one thing they definitely wouldn’t forget to bring the salt and the holy water. And should the meal time festivities end with someone becoming a soulless minion of evil, you can rest assured that the demon would be dealt with just in time for pie. Just be sure to leave an extra setting for Cas in case he decides to show up!

It would detract from all the fun, but the reason the boys have never enjoyed true holiday dinners and special family time is because John Winchester was usually off on a hunt, and Dean was left in charge of taking care of Sam. Dean would argue that John did the best he could for his kids, but we all know that’s not entirely true. So if Sam and Dean could take a break from the family business for a day we would all be happy to host them at our Thanksgiving dinners. I think we would all enjoy seeing them sit down and have a real Thanksgiving as well. Of course, in reality their time is much better spent dealing with Amara, but there’s no harm in dreaming!

It’s no secret what the Winchesters and their friends are thankful for, but as fans of the show there’s so much to appreciate! Join us as we break down the best ways to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with Sam and Dean, and what we’re really thankful for from one of our favorite shows!

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