6 Reasons To Be Thankful For ‘The Walking Dead’s Carol Peletier

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‘The Walking Dead’s sixth season has been an emotional experience.

In Season six, episode two, “JSS,” Carol saved Alexandria! We didn’t see her for weeks after that. Finally, several episodes later, we were back in the ASZ. While our own feelings about having carol-free episodes for so many weeks were dealt with, it was at least expected that Carol would get the thanks she has more than earned. Her homemaker disguise seems to be well behind her with a gun on one hip and her knife on the other. But she didn’t get a thank you. It doesn’t seem like anyone knows what she did or even what she’s going through as a result of those choices.

There are lots of reasons to be thankful for Carol. Of course one of the greatest things about Carol is the woman who plays her, Melissa McBride! But for the moment, strictly Carol speaking, she’s a huge asset to Team Family and she is one of the most relatable characters on the show. Her fans are anxiously awaiting for the day that Carol gets the emotional support that’s been a long time coming. It feels like amid all her many talents, asking for help is no longer one of them.

Despite the fact that Alexandrians seem to have forgotten their manners, for whatever reason, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, join Hidden Remote as we say what everyone else has forgotten to, “Thank you, Carol!”

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