Showtime Welcomes Us Back to ‘Twin Peaks’

Showtime is bringing us back to the town of ‘Twin Peaks’Population: 51,201.

In a new teaser released by the network, we see the re-installation of the famous Twin Peaks road sign, one which welcomes visitors to the weird and wacky world in which the TV show is set. According to Entertainment Weeklythe new series will be written and executive produced by David Lynch alongside his co-creator Mark Frost.

In the new teaser, we hear voice-over from Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse), as he introduces the sign. Hawk places a great deal of emphasis on the beauty of the locale, and the entire teaser calls back to the serenity of the original series’ opening credits. This serenity is interrupted at the end of the video by a mysterious figure bathed in white light, one which causes even the soundtrack to jump.

The image of the sign itself indicates that nothing much has changed since the show originally aired. Twin Peaks still has the exact same population and the exact same sign. Fans of the show are ready and eager to reenter this world, one which is rife with renewed mystery and intrigue.

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Kyle MacLachlin, who starred in the original Twin Peaks as FBI agent Dale Cooper, is officially set to return. He will join Amanda Seyfried, who will be a new addition to the show, but one which is supposed to be incredibly vital. Twin Peaks won’t return on Showtime until 2017, but if this new teaser suggests anything, it’s that time really flies in this crazy town. See the full teaser below:

Twin Peaks returns in 2017 on Showtime.

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