9 Best TV Sidekicks of 2015

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Title Cards Photo: ABC, Netflix, CW

Sidekicks always stand by our heroes. Sidekicks support main characters through the tough decisions, jump into the action, and are sometimes even heroes in their own right.

We watch a lot of TV, and we’re okay with that. One thing that’s extremely common is, unless you live in some fortress of solitude, many TV shows exist within a universe where the world is in desperate need of saving. When we turn on any given show where the lead character has to overcome extensive odds and needs to defeat any number of very real and/or emotionally damaging demons, in a lot of cases we seem like the only support system. When our heroes’ identities are secret, or they’re misconstrued as some kind of vigilante, it seems like we’re the only ones who know exactly the kind of burden they’re shouldering. But there are a select few who become a part of the fight for truth and justice against the forces of evil.

These types of shows are a fixture in our TV watching routines. Almost every major network has one, and some networks have multiple slots for sidekick programming. Some of the characters on out list aren’t even heroes in the classic sense of the word. But who are the people who save our heroes? What makes a good sidekick?

Without further introduction, and in no particular order, join Hidden Remote as we look at the best TV sidekicks of 2015!

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