‘Younger’ Season 2, Episode 1 Live Stream: Watch Online

‘Younger’ is back for a one hour premiere tonight on TV Land. Don’t want to miss a minute of the action? You don’t have to! Below is all you need to know to ensure you tune in to Episode One, “Tattoo You.”

Last season ended with Liza dealing with the fallout of her and Josh’s relationship after she revealed that she’s only been pretending to be in her 20’s. An emotional slideshow showing Josh that Liza is exactly who she’s always been with him moves us to tears and helps him to decide to restart their relationship. We’re so excited to what season two has in store for them, especially considering the new dynamic Liza’s daughter will offer now that she’s back from her time abroad.

“Tattoo You” will follow Liza as she tries to keep up the ruse that she’s a 20-something as well as catching up with Josh. Her newfound BFF Kelsey and their intimidating boss Diana among a whole bunch of our other faves. Here’s the official synopsis for tonight’s episode: “Liza works on her relationship with Josh while Caitlin returns to school.”

Be sure to check back with Hidden Remote for the recaps each week! We are especially excited to see what Josh thinks of Caitlin and what she thinks of her mom’s new life-change. Hopefully Lauren gets in some hilarious moments and Maggie is as sarcastic and supportive as ever! It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Charles and Liza this season since their is definitely a little something going on there but we would hate to see the Liza/Josh thing end. Season One was an unprecedented delight so we’re excited for the fun to continue!

Ready to tune in? Find out how, below!

Date: Wednesday, January 13
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 2, Episode 1 “Tattoo You”
TV Channel: TVLand
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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