5 TV Shows We Would Have Liked to See Alan Rickman Guest Star In

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Alan Rickman on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Photo: NBC

Once again, we all woke up to the sad news of another beloved star’s passing. Famed movie actor Alan Rickman had passed away after a short battle with cancer.

He was known for iconic roles on the big screen. The stage and his filmography are an extensive and varied showcase of exactly the kind of legacy an actor can hope to leave behind. Rickman touched the hearts of generations. The small consolation is that he will continue to live on in his portrayal of the controversial but nonetheless beloved character, Severus Snape.

He didn’t do a whole of TV,  but when he did, like the HBO feature, Something the Lord Made (2004) it got him a nomination for an Emmy. Rickman was never one to choose roles lightly and just about everyone can quote one of their favorite characters of his. It’s sort of a wonder why he didn’t try his hand with TV a little more, especially given how much the small screen has transformed recently. So much so, that there are numerous big name movie stars recently who have tried their skill at the more serial type of viewership. Some even delving into genre-based roles we would never expect.

It’s hard to argue that TV in some ways is as good, if not better, as movies and so it’s not such a stretch to imagine that Alan Rickman would have made it there at some point. Unfortunately, we can only wonder what an amazing addition he would have been to TV. With our hearts so heavy and in the interest of levity, it would be fun to imagine the impact,at least a guest appearance on some of our favorite TV shows would have had.

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