‘Scream Queens’ Season 2: Who Will Return?

Today Fox finally announced that our favorite funny slasher satire ‘Scream Queens’ would be gracing our screens for a second season. Will any fan favorites return?

Good day, idiots. Scream Queens is coming back!

Fox made us wait way too long to learn whether or not the fun and campy thrill ride would be returning for a second season. Today, they announced that it was happening, and we were so surprised that we almost spilled our pumpkin lattes. Never do that to us again, Fox. Pumpkin lattes are like life.

Entertainment Weekly confirms that the second season of Scream Queens will be taking place at a hospital, not at a summer camp as previously reported. Aside from location, we don’t know too much about the Season 2 just yet. It’s assumed that – as in other Ryan Murphy series like American Horror Story – some of the principal actors will return. However, we’re not sure which of our faves will be fighting for their lives when Scream Queens returns.

We were so hooked on some of the characters from the first season of the show that we’ve compiled a wish list of five characters that deserve to return for Season 2. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

Scream Queens. Niecy Nash. Photo: Fox

Denise Hemphill (Niecy Nash)

Last Seen: Breaking up with dum dum hunk of man Chad Radwell as she headed off to pursue her FBI dreams at Quantico.

Why We Want Her Back: When everyone else seemed calm, collected, or confused, Denise was always there for us as the voice of “WTF?!” Her sassy confidence added a refreshing and hilarious voice to the Scream Queens cast.  And, admit it, we all totally want to see her relationship with Chad play out for realsies. Also, now with all her Quantico training she can really investigate the new murder mystery that’s going to be unfolding in Season 2.

Scream Queens. Emma Roberts. Photo: Fox

Chanel Oberlin, aka: Chanel #1 (Emma Roberts)

Last Seen: After being framed as one of the Red Devils, Chanel #1 was committed to an asylum. Of course, she naturally slipped into the role of House President, proving that she’s a born leader wherever she goes.

Why We Want Her Back: If you even need to ask, you’re definitely an idiot hooker in our book. Chanel #1 is key to making the whole Scream Queens world work. She’s the queen of the harsh, totally un-PC burns that we’ve all come to know and love. Also, if anyone can make a hospital setting fashionable, it’s Chanel #1.

Scream Queens. Keke Palmer as Zayday. Photo: Fox

Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer)

Last Seen: President of Kappa Kappa Tau. Holla!

Why We Want Her Back: Zayday is a determined go-getter. From day one she wanted to be president of KKT, and she got what she wanted. Think of what she could do if she set her sights on something bigger. This girl takes no prisoners, and we know that she’s definitely got more of a story to tell.

Scream Queens – Jamie Lee Curtis. Photo: Fox

Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis)

Last Seen: Covering up the true identity of the Red Devil so that she could continue to reign supreme as Dean. Also, she’s publishing a book about how women rule. How could we not love this woman?

Why We Want Her Back: Aside from the fact that Deadline has already teased the return of the horror goddess, Dean Munsch is deliciously twisted in all the right ways. She gets what she wants, no matter what the cost. She’s basically a smarter, less fashionable Chanel #1. We’d love to see her manage yet another crisis by doing what she does best – sweeping problems under the rug and making things all the more fun for us to watch.

Photo – Fox/Scream Queens

Chad Radwell (Glen Powell)

Last Seen: After breaking off his relationship with security guard Denise, Chad is basically back to being Chad.

Why We Want Him Back: So many reasons. Chad is the king of one-liners and amazing comebacks. He’s resilient, hilarious, and oh so dumb. Also, that man has the best scream of all time. Hopefully Ryan Murphy and the rest of the Scream Queens team will be smart enough to keep him around for Season 2.

‘Scream Queens’ is set to return for Season 2, but you can catch up on Season 1 on FOX NOW