Our Favorite Relationships on ‘The Walking Dead’

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Photo – AMC/The Walking Dead

In a world of walker guts and violence, it’s nice to see a little bit of love featured to prove that humanity hasn’t been entirely lost. Below are some of our favorite relationships on The Walking Dead.

Only the strongest survive AMC’s The Walking Dead. Well, unless you’re part of Rick’s crew. Then, it’s definitely teamwork and love that keep you alive. I mean, sure, it helps having ninja Carol, Michonne’s katana, and Rick and Daryl’s badassery on your team, But in the end, they’re all powered up by their love for one another.

The Walking Dead fans love all the action and drama, and we live for the awesome walker kills! However, heartwarming moments and relationships have a special place in our hearts. We’re not just talking about romantic relationships, but bromances, friendships, and sibling bonds, too. We love them all!

After Rick and Daryl kick ass, it’s nice to see them bond. We love when Daryl opened up to Beth, how loyal Michonne is to Rick, and those warm fuzzies Glenn and Maggie’s relationship give us. These moments don’t last long. They are usually immediately followed by a heartbreaking tragedy, a reminder that this is still the end of the world as we know it, but I think that’s what makes these moments all that more special.

The following are eight of our favorite relationships on The Walking Dead. Make sure you tune in this Sunday, for more fights, kills, and hopefully, a ton more warm fuzzies.

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