‘Supernatural’ Season 11, Episode 13 Recap: ‘Love Hurts’

‘Supernatural’ was all about the heart to hearts as the Winchester Bros. find themselves hunting whatever is ripping out people’s hearts. This venture leads to Sam and Dean discussing some real feelings.

In it’s long run you could probably count how many times Supernatural has acknowledged holidays. That was made even more obvious by the highlight reel before the episode. It was fitting not just to remind us that it’s Dean’s favorite time of year, but because this episode had a a more “classic” early Supernatural tone to it.

The show started with a typical beginning – husband and wife are headed out to dinner. The husband is actually having an affair with the nineteen year old babysitter, babysitter threatens the husband to tell his wife. Later, while watching TV babysitter ends up getting her heart ripped out by some unknown creature masquerading as her lover. You know, the usual.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in Supernatural Photo: CW Gif: reyjedis via Tumblr

The next day, Dean returns to the bunker with a hickey because he did his part to make the single ladies feel loved on Valentine’s Day – a decision that is both selfish and selfless – while he was getting busy with the internet. And despite the potential plethora of dirty-minded places that last sentence could possibly go, Sam got a whole lot less lucky than Dean.

Sam did find a case for them, but things don’t get really interesting until after Dan Harper, the cheating husband, is murdered by already-dead babysitter. We find out that his wife Melissa had been given a spell by her hairdresser, in the hopes of keeping her husband because she really did love him. The spell had to be sealed with a kiss but, as it turned out, was some kind of transmittable curse and what was causing the deaths. People were murdered by their true loves, which explains why it appeared Dan showed up and killed Staci and visa versa and then why Dan showed up to kill Melissa.

Dean takes one for the team and kisses Melissa to give them more time to go after the witch that started all of this. While they’re preparing to find the heart of the creature the witch controls to stop this, Sam opens up the lines of communication by telling Dean he doesn’t always have to put himself on the line like that and be a martyr or the guinea pig. It’s actually solid advice coming from Sam since not too long ago he was guilty of doing the exact same thing early on in the series. It actually sounds like his talk with Lucifer might have had a positive effect and that’s a real improvement from years past when the two would be beating themselves up for their mistakes.

While Same faces off with the witch, it’s Dean that has to face his deepest darkest secret love. Of course it was Cas Amara and both boys come really close to a very dangerous situation. Sam especially. Luckily Melissa comes in and gives Sam the opportunity to shoot Sonja, the witch, and then stab the heart she was using to keep the curse alive. They leave the house without a word but Sam notes the damage done downstairs.

Luckily he’s no longer playing the sad puppy and instead confronts Dean about who he saw. Dean for his part admits that it was Amara but before he can apologize or explain it away he realizes that Sam isn’t surprised by this brand new piece of information.

Lisa Kudrow & Matt LeBlanc as Phoebe Buffay and Joey Tribbiani in Friends (8×03) Photo: NBC Gif: via Google

And it makes sense that Dean wouldn’t have a choice in the matter. The larger scale problem is that he can’t be around to face The Darkness or he knows they won’t be able to stop it but maybe there’s an answer to that somewhere too. Regardless Sam is fully on Dean’s side and that understanding went a long way for both of them.

For a light episode full of the usual formulaic, hunt the monster/kill the monster/bro moment it was a pretty solid episode. Not nearly as entertaining as the week’s before but the story being built still has a lot of layers to go. We learned that Dean is more vulnerable than a spunky old lady with a heart problem and that vulnerability has everything to do with this (forced) connection between him and Amara. It puts the two boys once again on the same side with the potential to oppose each other much like season five did so wherever this is leading the stakes are only going to get higher, especially when they find out what Cas did.

Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester in Supernatural Photo: CW Gif: sasquatchandleatherjacket via Tumblr

Stray Observations

  • “Even if it’s not a shape shifter, it’s still shifting shapes.”
  • A moment of silence for the first episode with a witch after Rowena’s death!
  • It would have been interesting to see who would have showed up for Sam if he had kissed Melissa just because everyone at least thought of someone (Cas) for Dean but what about Sam?
  • Dean does not have a dad bod… well maybe he does actually, we haven’t seen him take off his shirt in a really long time. I was going to defend him but I need evidence to prove my case, and it’s been too long. I’ve forgotten what the Winchesters look like without a shirt on.
  • I really thought it was going to be Cas. Even when the shadow clearly took on the form of a woman and not a trench coat wearing angel, I still hoped that in some fit of irony Casifer would burst through the door just to make all the viewers hearts stop but it was Amara and I’m kind of salty about it but mostly because I miss Cas a lot.
  • That being said I had my first ever Wincest thought. I do not believe in this. I do not support this. But there was a moment there when Sam and Dean were standing by the trunk when I though that Sam was going to be like, “Let me take this one” and then just kiss Dean and then Dean would punch Sam and I was giggling my way during the commercials. But again a big fat no on the Wincest thing. There was just a weird moment with the weird transmittable curse.
  • Thankfully that rock, paper, scissors game set things right! I did some very unofficial research and it seems like Sam wins most of the time except one other time when Dean won. Funny enough neither boy won although I suppose if Dean had gone upstairs he could have just kissed Sonja and the curse would have been passed to her. That would have been fitting.
  • I like that this episode featured a lot of Sam taking charge, despite Dean’s attempts to handle the situation. It feels like all the good vibes that Sully left him with about saving the world and then all the manipulating thoughts that Lucifer left him with have some how settled into a really good space. It also feels like he’s been paying really close attention to Dean, who clearly isn’t making good choices.
  • I liked that they left money underneath a cinder block for the damage to the motel. The amount of times that must happen. It’s always interesting to see the boys leave a room and then be left in that space without them.
Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester in Supernatural Photo: CW Gif: itsokaysammy via Tumblr

I’m not surprised Supernatural has been sticking to the monster-of-the-week stories and I do think it’s working. For some reason this one kept reminding me of the season seven episode with the cursed ballet shoes. I don’t know, maybe because I felt genuinely scared at points or maybe because it’s nice when the boys get a win that doesn’t cause some sort of major heart wrenching emotional explosion. Especially when hearts were literally being wrenched. Maybe it was the return of the corn syrup. They love to use it and there have certainly been bigger messes it was still a major focus of the crime scenes.

It also didn’t leave me with too many questions. I found Sam and Dean’s conversation much more interested than Dean and Amara’s and would kind of prefer she say nothing at all, especially since she wasn’t the real Amara. But I am extremely excited to see where things are headed because it’s so new to see the boys open up like this to each other. I literally keep expecting them to lie and when they don’t I get really surprised and proud.

But do you trust it to last? Do you trust Sam to continue to be so understanding? What happens if it’s Sam and Casifer in the big showdown? Can Sam feel good about fighting alongside the devil? What did you think of the episode overall? Spill your hearts out to us and share your thoughts in the comments!

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester in Supernatural Photo: CW Gif: sasquatchandleatherjacket via Tumblr

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.