‘Younger’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap

‘Younger’ had Kelsey and Liza play a little fast and loose with their resources in the hopes of saving Millennial Print.

This episode was like a faster paced, social media propelled version of Ocean’s Eleven with the women being the ones to successfully complete the heist and the men being mere accessories to it. Kelsey tells Liza that Jade spent all of her advance in one night, but the sad fact is that there is no book and the two try to stop anyone from finding out until they come up with a solution. Unfortunately, Charles corners Liza after a meeting and asks to see the first chapter that was supposed to have been submitted.

Last season something like this happened where Liza and Kelsey went through the slush pile and found a gem that turned out to be completely plagiarized by a struggling author who couldn’t get published. Diana used it as an opportunity to look in front of Charles as well as put Kelsey and Liza’s incompetence on full display (by the way TV Land I still want to read The Babushka!). Luckily Diana was too preoccupied pitching a deal to a male feminist who is looking for a book deal about his weird need to understand women through the way they experience things like breast feeding. More on that funny encounter shortly.

Liza tells Kelsey the bad news about Charles wanting to see the pages they don’t have and are never getting. During that lunch Jade spends the last of her advance and Kelsey calls time of death on the whole thing. Except the tweet showcasing another useless purchase from Jade (a diamond pacifier) gives Liza an idea and the two get started on a plan.

Since Millennial owns the rights to her social media accounts Liza uses those posts and a little tweaking to create a narrative for the first chapter. She stays up all night working and with the help of Lauren the first chapter gets leaked. Charles finds out and he’s a little upset but says that a first chapter leak generates interest but to prevent it from happening again.

Kelsey then calls an old college peer, who works at a competing publishing company to get drinks. She talks about the leak and casually mentions that Charles wanted to sell. As they hoped the competing publishing company is very interested. Kelsey asks for double the advance they gave Jade and her college peer is more than interested – he accepts the deal right then and there. Kelsey checks it with Charles and the next day before he speaks to their lawyer he makes sure he has the entire story straight. While he doesn’t condone their behavior and believes they got really lucky he is impressed with what they managed to do in the hopes of not losing the imprint altogether. He calls it a learning lesson and advises them to use the money they made wisely.

It was good to see the girls maintain their cool under pressure, the best part being able to throw Jade’s words back at her. It was an unfortunate situation all the way around since Jade seemed really smart and really interesting outside of the persona and brand she showed to the world. Considering Kelsey went out of her way to prove she was worthy of Jade it was a nice touch to see the latter knocked down a whole bunch of pegs.

While I doubt the publishing world is as exciting as Younger makes it seem, there is a certain entertainment factor to the kinds of personalities they have to deal with. Diana is definitely interested in taking advantage of a situation and it’s refreshing since Kelsey was the one sleeping with one of the writers last season.

Maggie had the best reaction to finding out that her art would be used a clothing rack but then again Maggie welds stuff in her living room and has sex parties so she’s already super cool and while I feel bad for Lauren, since she seems really really attached, I’m pretty sure anyone in her position would be just as clingy just in the hopes of absorbing some of Debi Mazar’s awesomeness.

Mostly I really need to know if “40 year old arm” is a real thing only because Josh had a really good remedy for it and I want that 26 year old’s massage! Everyone got to enjoy a certain level of success in the episode and it was fun. I sometimes feel like the episodes end kind of abruptly to keep us wanting more but this one worked.

I’m curious to see if the events with Jade will somehow backfire again, just because she seemed really upset about being dropped by Empirical despite the fact that she never had any intention of writing a book. We also know she’ll go to great lengths to be really vindictive like working Kelsey and Liza just so that Josh would come to her party so she could throw a drink in his face. It just doesn’t feel like that’s finished and I do hope whatever is coming Kelsey can handle it!

Of course with Liza getting a hold on her life, there’s bound to be a wrench in it, the doctor was kind of insensitive about her arm stiffness, though it was funny and thankfully Josh stayed true to his word and didn’t run away. In fact right now, if anything, it’ll be Liza who runs but we’ll see. In the meantime TV Land released some hilarious bloopers from last week’s episode so go have a laugh! Liza’s definitely got a handle on things and there’s a good balance right now, it’s just a matter of what offsets it, Charles perhaps? Share your thoughts on the episode in the comments!

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