The Five Best TV Episodes Of All Time

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Breaking Bad


There has been a lot of great television over the past fifteen years, most of in the last decade. Hidden Remote delves into that great television and pulls out the five greatest TV episodes of all time.

Best TV episodes and other lists like these are never going to be objective. As hard as I or anyone else may try, these are all reflections of the environment in which I watched them. I can’t account for that bias and influence, but I do recognize it.

That objectiveness, however, is supplanted by a more realistic look at these episodes. I expect to be disagreed with, and hope for it. TV is better when a lot of people are talking about it, and God knows I’m wrong about this stuff all the time.

One of things I do regret: there are no episodes from Justified or The Wire or The Sopranos. There certainly should be, but this was a hard list to make, and they just barely missed the cut!

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