Best TV Actors and Actresses From Every State

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Fifty states. One hundred great actors and actresses. Hidden Remote guides you across the United States as we look at where the best TV actors and actresses hail from.

It’s all about home state pride when it comes to picking the best TV actors and actresses from television. Great actors from all walks of life were born and raised across this great country. Early on they found their calling, worked hard and found television stardom. Others pursued a particular career but ultimately found their talent.

What follows is a highlight of an actor and actress noted for their television work through all fifty states. Picks were based on whether they were born and/or raised in a particular state. Many of these actors would study drama and theater at a school in their home state or got their start in local productions. Some picks you might be surprised of their origins.

After some extensive research, I was able to pick notable TV presences past and present and their geographical beginnings. For instance, two contemporary comedic greats both hail from Massachusetts. Two terrific dramatic actors from AMC Network series grew up in Idaho. And two television legends were born and raised in New York State. So as we travel across the country, we go state-by-state in alphabetical order.

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