‘Younger’ Season 2, Episode 10 Live Stream: Watch Online

As ‘Younger’ recovers from last week’s jaw-dropping episode Liza focuses on her job and even looks to broaden her network. Don’t want to miss a minute of the action? We’ve got you covered!

Last week’s courtship of farm-boy Sebastian went to a really dark place. Ending any and all speculation about a potential new love interest for Liza and dissolving his potential working relationship with Empirical. Embarrassed that Liza’s author find was, yet again, another unsuccessful venture she looks to redeem herself through new connections.

Looking to put it all behind her Liza throws her whole being into her work. The official TV Guide synopsis for Episode 10, “Bad Romance” teases:

Liza joins an assistants’ networking group where she learns more than she wants to about Thad.

Looks like it’ll be more beneficial for Liza’s social life than for work but there’s hope that she can prevent Kelsey from making the biggest mistake of her life when she learns something really valuable about Thad. The promos would also have us believe that Liza makes a poor decision after a night of too much drinking. Considering there’s some kind of dinner-date with her ex-husband, it’s likely Liza deals with her own bad choices while hoping to save Kelsey from making the same mistakes.

Though Liza likely has Kelsey’s best interest in mind, the issue is the lengths Thad will go to prevent the truth from getting out. With the season almost over and Liza without an ally like Josh to protect her secret anymore, everything she’s worked so hard for at this point is once again on the line. So how important is Kelsey’s friendship to Liza? Especially when it comes to the job that forced her to lie about her age in the first place.

We’re eager to see how Liza will wrestle with these choices and exactly the kind of person Thad really is!

Ready for the tune in details?

Date: Wednesday, March 9
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. EST
Episode: Season 2, Episode 10Bad Romance
TV Channel: TV Land
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