‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Best Moments: Season 12, Episode 14

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ scrambled up the residents forcing the pairs to work through their problems. But it was the final moments of the episode that those unanswered questions that left us wanting more!

Meredith’s usual voice over was all about acceptance. And there was a lot of that in this episode. So check out the best moments below!

Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy Photo: ABC

Amelia Accepts Penny

When Webber made the decision to scramble the residents because he felt like everyone was getting complacent it seemed obvious where this was headed. What was nice was the dynamics between the pairings. Amelia has chosen not to forgive Penny and that was understandable but when they were forced to work together on guest star Rita Moreno’s husband it’s more than your basic power struggle.

I have grown to like Penny. I think that Mer’s words to her have had a profound effect after Derek’s death and we as viewers know for a fact that he liked her in his final moments. Better yet, he saw that she was “swatted” (as Callie would put it) because of her position and for being a woman. Yes, she didn’t fight for the test that she knew could have saved Derek’s life but she has come a long way since then. And in a lot of ways that’s because of Meredith. What made seeing Amelia and Penny work together so effective was that we saw Penny not only take charge of a situation but that she is a very capable surgeon.

Penny for her part didn’t want to upset Amelia anymore than she already had and luckily Riggs was there to push her to do what she knew she could. Confidence is one thing but this wasn’t about that. This was about acceptance and Penny doesn’t know it yet but she has that from Amelia. Finding out that Penny is a born neurosurgeon wasn’t surprising. If anything it was exciting. What’s not is the fact that Amelia and Meredith will now probably fight over Penny.

It would be great if they could just get along but we’ll take what we can get. It’s nice to know that Penny’s merits are all her own. She’s very genuine even when she asked Amelia if she caused the patient’s death. What was interesting was that Amelia really just wanted to see her work despite knowing the patient wouldn’t make it. It was a huge step and it was quite heart warming.

Jo Stands Up to Meredith

This was the moment that the promos from last week harped on and I can’t say it really resonated with me all that much. I agreed with Meredith in the moment that Jo was over reaching and I actually had this particular scene in my “worst moments” section but then things changed. Jo said a lot of things. Some of it needed to be said and some of it was way out of line. And to Meredith’s credit she took it, which is why it was more helpful than anything.

Ellen Pompeo & Camilla Luddington as
Dr. Meredith Grey & Dr. Jo Wilson in Grey’s Anatomy Photo: ABC
Gif: fraser-grey via Tumblr

Better, Meredith didn’t just ignore what Jo said she mentioned it to Callie and Maggie and they helped her realize that Jo wasn’t wrong. She did mistreat her and Meredith absolutely has her reasons. Which is why this ended up being another great moment.

She not only told Jo she was rooting for her but it wasn’t going to stop her from protecting Alex but she told Jo to stand up for herself. It got a little muddled in the gnat metaphor but the important parts were there. Grey’s at times can be very cheesy and sappy and just all around “eh” but this worked. I’m not sure why it was being billed as the moment to see but it did show tremendous growth for both women.

Mostly, I liked that Jo told her to call Thorpe. It was really bold of her but it played well with the overall message. Everyone was moving on and it was time for Meredith to do the same with her tall hunky, military doctor.

Low-key Memorable Moments

  • We got an update on Callie’s patient from last week
  • Callie, Maggie and Meredith need to work together more. They were hilarious!
  • Same thing with Riggs, Penny and Amelia. The dynamics really worked for me.
  • Steph telling Jo that she can never complain about Meredith again was easily the funniest moment!
  • Did I mention Rita Moreno? Like seriously she’s awesome! Also Casey Wilson (I really miss Happy Endings!).
  • Ben Warren: Mom Whisperer
  • I don’t like Owen but I like his idea of a “pick me up” instead of a first date. Also, any man that would rather spend time in a pile of puppies than go out to dinner is someone who I can love.

Something very not good is going on between Ben and Bailey and I’m trying really really hard not to think about it too much. Or at all. Let’s just pretend that Ben isn’t starting to have an issue with Miranda’s new job as Chief. I mean what problem, right? There is nothing to see here. There was no lingering look when he said he’d see her at home. Nope. No problem.

Kind of like how April is handling her pregnancy. I mean I get it. She’s crazy. Well okay maybe I don’t. Her impassioned speech to Alex (complete Supreme Court Roe v. Wade reference) made sense but I still think that denial is not the answer. I understand that she’s trying to keep it together for Jackson but Alex is right and that doesn’t make it better. Keeping it a secret is just such a bad idea for everyone. Also, she is a doctor and not getting tested doesn’t change the fact that it’s in her best interest. And realistically, yes this is Jackson’s baby too. And I love our little Sloan protege but April needs to do what’s good for her. And not knowing what could be going on is not good for her or the baby.

That out-of-the-way, Arizona had no right to say anything to Jackson and the fallout from that is going to be massive. Especially since by the end it was clear that Alex had gotten through to April and her insanity and she was going to tell him. Arizona risked her friendship with April and I sincerely hope it was worth it. I also really do hope that this baby is okay and that Jackson and April can figure out some way to co-parent. Everyone has a lot of work to do and this episode was sort of one giant set up for those last two scenes.

On a scale from 1 to 10 how would you rate your pain?

I give this episode a six on the pain scale. It wasn’t really painful but it had its difficulties. I did feel quite content by the end but Amelia made me get all teary talking about what a good doctor Penny is and then there were puppies!

I just want to see everyone happy and this episode had a lot of that. Which is why the ending definitely did make my jaw drop. Jackson is clearly still really frustrated with April and that’s exactly why her choice to not tell him about being pregnant wasn’t smart. It’s very in line with her personality (which for the record drives me insane and I am not looking forward to another episode that focuses on her and her dysfunctional behavior). But for Meredith she seems to have finally accepted that it’s time to move on. Lucky for her a beautiful man is very interested.

I’m sure they’ll have a long talk about all their baggage and I can only imagine what Thorpe’s might be but it literally took him one episode to show up at Grey-Sloan. How long before he’s also working there? Any bet takers? Also what are we calling him? Can someone call Cristina because he needs a name and so far I don’t like any that I’ve come up with (McOh Hot Dayyyummm is just too long but like even he knows he has a face that can be turned down!) although I am leaning toward McMajor Heartthrob? I feel like such a McSteamy traitor. Ugh, where does this show find these men? He’s just sooo pretty! I hope Meredith is nice to him. I hope he stays around for a while. She deserves nice things.

What did you think? Will Penny continue to be a point of contention between Meredith and Amelia now that they both know what a great doctor she is? Do you think Arizona over stepped? Are you worried about Ben and Bailey? And what will Meredith’s answer to Thorpe be? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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