Robbie & Stephen Amell Teaming up for Sci-Fi Film ‘Code 8’

Actors (and cousins) Robbie and Stephen Amell are teaming up for a new sci-fi film – and they need your help to make our their dream a reality!

The Amell cousins are ready to take over the cinematic universe!

Stephen Amell (Arrow) and Robbie Amell (The Flash, The X-Files ) are joining forces for their very first film project, a sci-fi drama that will feature both Amells in starring roles and as executive producers.

Titled Code 8, the film will be set in a world where a small percent of the population possess supernatural abilities. However, these “specials” are not viewed as heroes by the rest of their world and instead live in poverty and turning to crime – which has led the police to become militarized with “autonomous robots” backing up officers in the field.

Both Stephen and Robbie are set to serve as executive producers on the project and will star in the film. To help make the dream a reality, the duo has launched a fan-backed funding campaign via Indiegogo in an effort to help get the project off the ground and released by next fall!

To help get fans and potential backers pumped for the film, Robbie, Stephen and their partners have released a new 10-minute short film which introduces offers up at what’s to come in the full-length film. The short, filmed last summer in LA, features several of the project including Robbie, Aaron Abrams (HannibalBlindspot), Chad Donella (Scandal) and Alfred Rubin Thompson (Clbe Dead) – Stephen was unable to appear in the short due to scheduling conflict with Arrow and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

As the film’s campaign page teases, the short film is just the tip the iceberg! While details on the film’s content are scarce, fans can expect to see a new side of both Robbie and Stephen – and let’s not forget to mention the robots, superpowers and “badass action.”

“The short is just a sample of what we can do,” Robbie teased. “By working with Indiegogo, we let the fans decide if they want to see more.”

As part of the campaign, backers have access to exclusive perks with perk packages ranging from $5 all the way up to $50,000 – which will give backers the opportunity to executive produce the film thus providing them with access to the full filming process! Other perk packages include access to signed memorabilia, wearables, meet-and-greet opportunities (including one package that will give backers the opportunity to go go-karting with the cast) and more!

For more information on Code 8 or to help back the film head on over to the Code 8 Indiegogo page today!

What do you think of Robbie and Stephen Amell’s latest venture? Will you be backing Code 8 via the film’s Indiegogo campaign? Be sure to join the conversation in the comments section below!