‘The Walking Dead’ Finale: Will Fans See Lucille’s Impact?

Negan is coming to ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 finale, but will fans be left to debate the biggest cliffhanger of the series so far?

Speculation has been extremely high about the impending events of this year’s season finale. For those of you who aren’t interested, comic book related spoilers are inevitable after this point!

Negan is coming. However, it’s not just the anticipation of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s take on the character but the chaos he’s going to bring down on our favorite characters. Worse, we know that a series regular, possible one of the “Atlanta Five” will be leaving the show.

Negan from The Walking Dead. Photo: Skybound Entertainment

With the recent crack down on spoilers from AMC, the team at The Walking Dead is working hard to keep things as shocking as possible. Although, frankly, I don’t think anything could have been as surprising or upsetting as last week’s episode where Denise got Abraham’s comic book death, something I will never understand. Frankly, I would have preferred to see Abraham go out since his arc hasn’t been interesting in a slightest this season, and Denise deserved better.

But this particular choice shakes up the long-standing debate on who will meet Lucille? This topic has loomed over Season 6 like the iconic barbed bat herself!

The cast has added fuel to this fire with their sound bites on the overall tone of the season finale, and, with one episode between us and the conclusion of Season 6, our emotions have reached a warring fever pitch. While we’re excited to see Negan come to life, his entrance still most certainly means death for someone we love very much.

For myself, I’m still reeling from Carol’s exit from the ASZ, but in some ways I hope it guarantees her safety from Negan. Granted, no one is safe, and I respect that, but after everything she’s been through in particular I would appreciate if something nice happened because Carol deserves nice things!

Need a refresher on Negan? Check out the video below!

Will Season 6 end in a huge Negan cliffhanger? It’s definitely possible, and I can’t help but think that The Walking Dead would benefit from emulating past seasons of Game of Thrones.

Typically speaking, many major character death scenes on GoT take place in episode 9 of a 10 episode season. This provides fans with a week to calm down after the loss. It’s a choice that has worked very well for the HBO series in the past, because the finale still managed to leave us wanting more (except for that one time they could have had an epic after credits scene with you know who). Better yet, fans were given an opportunity to mourn the losses and still see the emotional aftermath.

Season 5 of Game of Thrones provided something different on the usual formula, but Jon Snow’s “death” is an animal all on its own, and whoever Lucille kisses in two weeks is definitely not coming back. There’s no debate to be had here, and a cliffhanger would only make fans upset.

It has been interesting seeing fans try to figure out who will die. Glenn meeting Lucille isn’t so much a theory as borderline fact. Especially after he saw the pictures at the Savior’s complex in episode “Not Tomorrow Yet.” There’s almost as much potential for Maggie to go out in part because of Glenn’s actions in episode 12. And it does pose some intriguing questions like what happens to the lawful, good character after he’s taken that step to killing?

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead (6×12) Photo: AMC

Of course, I would not be a fan of a storyline that explores what happens to a man when his wife is killed. And in some ways that question has already been answered by Rick following Lori’s death in Season 3, but there are also logistical reasons to go after Maggie instead of Glenn. One of which is that a lot of people don’t see the show having two babies on it, and it’s an argument that does make sense.

It’s also sickeningly poetic, and, for a show that operates on being a morality play, the loss of Maggie could work. Especially since we’re to believe that Maggie will most likely want to name her baby Hershel. Dearest Maggie, please take note from Game of Thrones’ Talisa and do not name children after the character with exceptional moral standards. Both Ned Stark and Hershel Greene’s deaths were catalysts for war. Naming children after characters like that sets them up for, well, a swift death.

And while I’m not here to debate who is going to die in the Season 6 finale, it doesn’t seem like we’re actually going to find out, which leaves months and months more of agonizing speculation. Ending Season 6 in a cliffhanger would be a writing choice that doesn’t make much sense in a season full of writing contrivances that have many considering walking away from the show completely.

The Walking Dead (6.02) Photo: AMC Gif: mintchonne via Tumblr

Worse, fans are almost no doubt in for a long haul. The premiere of Season 7 will be the show’s 100th episode, and, much like the comic books, what could be better than a shocking death? If anyone is reading this that works on the show, the answer to that question is a lot of things.

Against my better judgement, I’m going to throw own my contemplation on the topic out there, and suggest that perhaps there isn’t one death to look out for but two. While all eyes are on Lucille, it’s possible that more than one character gets whacked (a very literal take on the more Sopranos version of that word), as there are also other characters that won’t be present for Negan.

An important thing to remember is that Negan is a threat but he is not the only threat and with several characters separated from the group at this point there’s a strong possibility that their lives will be in as much danger.

While there is still time and we won’t know until we know, we have to hope that in a season that included episodes like “JSS” and “The Same Boat” (oh, look, two Carol-centric episodes!), which were series all-time highs, along with some real lows, that the finale lives up to hype. It’s in the show’s best interest to get the deaths out-of-the-way and move on.

The best part about The Walking Dead is the subtle but very clear subtext that has been almost entirely erased. I don’t really know what has motivated certain character choices. Their internal struggles feel so far away not because I can’t relate anymore, but because the time jump forced so much to go unseen and unexplained that I’ve just chosen what to accept and what to ignore.

If we move past the great expectations of Negan and get to know him and what he does and the lasting effects he’ll have on the group we’ll get back on a track that makes the show so enjoyable. Our main cast of characters and fan favorites won’t need to be separated as often, and we won’t feel like we’re being forced to care about something (i:e Abraham’s love triangle) so that something else or someone else can die.

I am looking forward to Negan because he brings a foil to the show of the likes that we haven’t seen since Shane (and oh I could talk about Shane and why I miss him forever!). And, frankly, I would rather get to that. The action of this show only goes so far, and it is much more nuanced when it’s character driven instead of plot driven.

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead (2×04) Photo: AMC Gif: gleggiegreenes via Tumblr

I don’t think holding out on who will die will be the fun nearly six month discussion AMC hopes it will be. Fans are already feeling like the show runners don’t care about what they think. And I’m not trying to make an argument for any kind of fan service. The show should do what makes the most sense and, in large part, I want to trust in the writing, but it’s hard to do that when one episode of the series gives a tone of credibility only to rob itself of that credibility the following week.

In a strange turn of events, while Denise’s death shakes up the potential for Lucille, I think more than anything fans will be relieved to see Season 6 behind us.

Don’t miss the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead Sunday, April 3 at 9/8c on AMC.

Do you think it’ll work keeping everyone in the dark about the big season finale death? Share your thoughts about how your feeling about season six and more in the comments!