‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Best Moments: Season 12, Episode 15

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was all about healing!

There are a lot of relationships on this show and sometimes we go weeks without checking-up on all of them. But for once we got a progress report on how everything is doing and in some cases a small hint on where they’re all headed.

Grey’s Anatomy “I Am Not Waiting Anymore” (12×15) Photo: ABC

Their jobs are everything to them. Their whole lives exist around and inside that hospital. Even their children come second. So sometimes, these skilled and brilliant surgeons can’t see how well they’re doing. Sometimes, those wounds aren’t as easy to see. Sometimes it’s hard to really know how well certain wounds have healed.

In the mid season premiere, Meredith realized you can have more than one person. She realized that in all the time since Derek’s death and Cristina leaving she had let lots and lots of other people into her life and those people showed up when she needed them in ways she hadn’t allow when she was mourning Derek. But realizing she had all of these people made it possible for her to move on from Cristina. Moving on from Derek was not so easy. And up until last week’s episode, there was no reason to really consider it.

Justin Chambers as Dr. Alex Karev in Grey’s Anatomy Photo: ABC

Alex makes a really a case that healing, all kinds of healing, but especially the emotional kind, is always happening. There is loss, but there is also a point after that. New people come into their lives all time and it’s not the betrayal it feels like it will be. Grey’s Anatomy is at it’s best when it’s showing us our doctor’s working together. Learning from each other and growing. Their lives are their jobs but just like there is life outside of the hospital there is life beyond death. Where last week was all about acceptance, this week took it a step further.

Check out the best moments of episode 15 below!

April is Pro-Choice

I am not April’s biggest fan. I don’t know if it’s because she reminds me of Doctor Who’s Amy Pond or if I just feel like her faith gets the way of her personality. But she annoys me often. I have a hard time seeing her side of things because I agree with Jackson, she operates from a different level. She’s a good doctor and a good person but she will make sacrifices in the name of “what’s right” that don’t really coincide well with her education versus her beliefs. There have been times that I have liked her. This episode was an example of one of those times. She wasn’t in a delusional, unreachable space. She was a character I can and would support and I hope we see more of this April!

The opposite side of that is I hope we never see the Jackson that showed up tonight. He had every right to ask her not walk away from her in the beginning of the episode. And it really seemed like Webber got through to him. But moments after apologizing, moments after April also apologized he said a whole bunch of things that I find borderline unforgivable. Which makes it strange that I have it at the top of my best moments. That’s because this was all about April. And I absolutely loved that the pro-choice debate was switched up. It’s easily one of the last things I’d agree with April about. I don’t really understand why she endured all the pain that Samuel caused her and Jackson with all the knowledge that it would be like that. But she doesn’t believe in abortions and there’s really no discussion to be had there.

April herself is a healthy woman and she has access to medicine and medical knowledge, I don’t believe she would put herself or her baby in jeopardy in any way. So there was no reason for Jackson to suggest that she was waiting to tell him until it was too late. There is no too late.I understand what Jackson was saying. I do. He didn’t want to go through it again and he wanted some consideration this time. Consideration that he already was robbed of having to hear about the pregnancy from Arizona (which is a whole other issue!). But he had no right to suggest that that was an option if things weren’t okay. And I was pleased to see April stand up for herself.

It’s not about what people believe or don’t believe. April was 100% correct when she told him that he is the father, when there is a baby and right now it’s her body. April spoke to all the debates of autonomy/agency and who takes precedence during a pregnancy and she did it all from a different side of the debate than I know a lot of people would take. It wasn’t just the best moment of the episode, it was April’s best moment to date!

Arizona’s Validation

What Arizona did was not okay. She’s lucky that she’s not getting fired. And in any other doctor’s hands this wouldn’t be okay. I have a soft spot for Arizona. I don’t excuse her behavior but I understand her to a degree I didn’t expect. April was like that for a season but Arizona is much more consistent. Which is why when Arizona does a bad thing it’s still a best moment.

I realize this is confusing but she didn’t just do a bad thing and leave it. She spent the entire episode trying to make it better. Trying to find a way to fix it. She wanted to make it right. And I believe her. I believe she didn’t mean what she did. She was worried about April couldn’t talk sense into her friend. It was a difficult situation and there was definitely a way to handle it better but she tried. And she continued to try. And she was backed into a corner of keeping secrets and it affected her ability to make a smart decision.

It also lead to Arizona interacting with people we haven’t really seen her associate with. And it lead to a really great moment of understanding between her and Amelia (who I already champion like crazy). In an episode about healing Arizona opened up a wound for Jackson and April and it created it’s own kind of issues with her best friend. But it also showed up how much everyone respects Arizona and where she and Callie are in their own relationship. It was important and hard but that’s what made it so good.

Low-key Memorable Moments

  • Meredith’s internal and external debate about getting drinks with Thorpe.
  • Alex and Maggie fighting over who knows Mer best and then both working to make sure she dealt with her feelings, which lead to the best choice for Mer.
  • Callie’s bathroom advice and then Bailey’s reaction were hysterical!

Amelia helping Mer because she could and Mer appreciating it! Riggs’ face when April was yelling at Arizona, still hilarious!The Owen/Riggs fight that was a long time coming. Probably not worth the wait but definitely said what needed to be said. Riggs forced Owen to face himself and it was important!Owen being a good friend to April. He’s actually a really good friend, just a terrible boyfriendAmelia getting the Hell out of Owen’s trailer and away from that situation and crying. It was heart breaking but I was proud of her! Thorpe and Mer enjoying fast food in the car. He’s very funny!

I really like Thorpe and I think we should call him Doctory McMajorface. At the end of the episode Mer’s voice-over said, “Maybe we’re waiting to see if the wound underneath is still open or if it might actually be healing.” And if lingering looks at ferry boat scrub caps could speak a 1,000 words. We know Mer still loves Derek. We know Mer believes Derek was her great love.

But the whole second half of season 12 has been about Mer deciding to move on. It’s been about us moving on to. There will be no replacement for Derek Shepherd. There can’t be. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be other men in Mer’s life. It’s not even about starting over new and fresh. It’s about doing what doctor’s do best, healing their patients.

On a scale from 1 to 10 how would you rate your pain?

Considering I was dreading this particular episode of Grey’s, having nothing to do with the actual story lines we would see and everything to do with the fact that it fell on the date that I had a very real and very serious abdominal surgery that changed my life in more ways that I haven’t truly been able to fully understand just yet. The fact that I was having memories of intubation and pain meds and hospital rooms made it hard for me, despite the fact that I am so thankful to see where I am now.

That being said I tried to keep my own bias out of my pain scale rating and I think tonight hit at about a seven. That look at the scrub cap really did me in more than any semi-unrelated personal feelings. Back in the earlier seasons the surgeries would have taken the focus but it wasn’t about them. There were certain parallels that were significant. There always are. I think everyone, including myself saw themselves healing. It’s happening. For some it’s messy. For others they’re not healing the way they expected but it’s making them stronger. It was an episode that gave every doctor time. Which is good since the promo for next week looks messy.

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Do you think Arizona could have handled things better? Is Riggs right about Owen being the one to lose hope? Are you excited to see Meredith moving on? What do you think is going on in the promo with Thorpe? Share your thoughts in the comments!