‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale Ultimate Drinking Game

‘The Walking Dead’s much-anticipated season 6 finale has arrived and what better way to celebrate Negan’s entrance than drinking your feelings?

TV is supposed to be a relaxing experience that offers an escape from the stresses of daily life. And maybe that’s true for a large part of the population, but for anyone who watches The Walking Dead, this show is none of those things and this season six finale has been a source of stress since since five ended! Anxieties are at an all-time high. Sunday is not just a day; this week it brings with it our greatest fears.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead (1×06) Photo: AMC Gif: giphy

We know we’re saying goodbye to a fan favorite character and a beloved member of Team Family (it’s just still up for debate who that might be). When we last left them in the penultimate episode, everyone was in a bad situation. With another whole 93 minutes to go, things are going to escalate quickly. We probably should have started drinking during the airing of the promos for episode 16, it’s definitely not in our best interest to be sober during what will undoubtedly be referred to as the “legendary sh*tstorm.”

A quick Google search will pull up a ton of different The Walking Dead related drinking games. What makes this one so special? We’re not screwin’ with the wrong people!

Hidden Remote has all your feelings in mind. So you belligerently shout “Just Survive Somehow” at your TV through the tears, it’s okay, we’re here for you! Just be sure to follow our tried and true method to get the most out of your alcoholic viewing experience.

(If you want to get fancy here’s an aptly named cocktail recipe:)

PSA: A courtesy reminder and our last note on the drinking responsibly thing, The Walking Dead airs on Sunday night – and for many it is also the last day of spring break – so just be ready to be a zombie with a massive hangover on Monday.  However, we suspect many people will be calling in sick from work anyway and referring all further inquiries to AMC so don’t hold back. Don’t hold it together, but please try to hold it down.

Rules and Stuff (n thangs):

Take One Sip:

  • An awesome walker kill!
  • If Rick is wearing the murder jacket.
  • If the orange backpack makes another appearance.
  • When Abraham says something ridiculous but really quotable.
  • When Carl’s eye-patch is on the correct eye.
  • When there’s confirmation that no riots will be necessary because that character didn’t die!
  • If there is any kind of extensive walking scenes.

Take Two Sips:

  • When Carl’s eye-patch is on the incorrect eye.
  • If there’s a Richonne moment.
  • When any of the men cry, especially Daryl!
  • If Jesus shows up.
  • For any Savior that isn’t Negan.
  • For Negan’s lines that aren’t the f-word or replacements.

Try Not to Throw Up:

  • When Morgan talks about returns and circles that could actually be avoided.
  • If they replace the f-word with any variation of, “Screwing.”
  • When you look at the time and realize it’s 10:30 and they have 3 minutes to fix everything.
  • When they rehash it on Talking Dead.

Take Two Shots:

  • When someone is hurt (any blood that isn’t fatal or walker related).
  • When any of the women cry.
  • When the plot point would have been solved in a much simpler way (ex: “I should have killed them!”).
  • When your ship has been slow burning for 5 seasons and the characters spent all of 30 seconds together this time around and the showrunners threw in a weird and nonsensical love interest and then they both ended up injured in the last episode…This got oddly specific.
  • When baby Greene-Rhee takes after his father and gives us a death scare.
  • When you see Lucille for the first time.
  • When an iconic line from the comicbook is used (includes all the f-words!).
  • When you have confused feelings for Negan (excitement/terror/physical attraction/etc.).

For this next part it’s recommended you break out the emergency supply. Maybe even crack open the good stuff for a memorable toast. Or grab whatever will get you drunk the fastest.

Find A Liquor Store And Drink It:

  • When someone kisses Lucille.

Drink to forget. Drink to remember. Toast the life of the fallen friend and drink because it’s going to be lonnnnggggg time until the season 7 premiere.

Don’t miss the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead Sunday, April 3 at 9/8c on AMC.

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