‘Supernatural’ Season 11, Episode 21 Recap: ‘All in the Family’

‘Supernatural’ picked up right where it left off and then left us asking in the words of the newest Prophet, “WHAT HAPPENED?!” Are you still curled up in a burrito blanket from last night’s repeatedly emotionally compromising episode? Don’t worry I have your recap, we’ll get through it together!

“Watch Supernatural,”  they said. “You like Sherlock and Doctor Who,” they said. “It’s a silly show about two really good-looking brothers and monsters and an adorably clueless angel, you’ll love it!” they said. You all are liars and should have to pay for my therapy! I needed to get that out of the way, since you know, we’re all a part of the family.

Which is convenient since that’s exactly what Episode 21 was all about. And it’s as complicated as ever! There is no doubt that I could focus this entire feature on the importance of Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) showing up. But I’m fairly confident it was at that point that we all ascended. It was the perfect transition to include some closure for the boys, proof about Chuck’s (Rob Benedict) identity and to remind us that prophets are a thing during apocalyptic situations and are extremely valuable. Also Dean (Jensen Ackles) said, “Holy crap” and I kind of feel like the pun was lost in the beauty of the entire moment.

The humor didn’t last. Dean actually drags Chuck – with apologies for doing so scattered throughout – for doing nothing. And he cried!

(Fun fact: There is no supercut of every time Dean has cried so if anyone wants to break the fandom get on that! Instead I give you this important and relevant scene from 10×09)

And then Chuck dropped some real truth about parenting, “Being over involved is no longer parenting – it’s enabling.” And he thinks that choice to step away made a difference. He realizes that Dean has a lot of feelings, there’s an aspect of abandonment that he will always feel from John, who chose Azazel and revenge over giving his children stability. And it’s been a long-standing theme that God had abandoned his Creation, his angels and just everything. So it’s not hard to see why Dean has such strong feelings about Chuck’s choice to come back now. And Chuck respects where Dean is coming from but he’s not John and he shouldn’t be confused with him.

He talks about how relentless Amara (Emily Swallow) is and that she cloaked herself from him. He tells Sam and Dean that that’s their job. And insists that he has faith in Dean, even if he didn’t return the favor. It’s interesting because based on what we learn later about his autobiography, Chuck is really suffering his own kind of crisis of faith in everything. There’s a line about believing in himself when he meets Donatello (Keith Szarabajka) and it’s actually quite the significant. He’s going to make the big “sacrifice play” but Dean goes all Captain America and tells him he’s not the guy for that.

Chris Evans as Captain America in “The Avengers” (2012) Photo: Marvel Gif: scottlanq via Tumblr

Oh yes I did manage to work in a Captain America reference, fight me! It works! Chuck thinks that he can strike up a deal with his sister, his life for humanity’s continued existence. This doesn’t remotely make sense since if he takes himself out there will be nothing. Worse, Dean gets the same message from Amara when he uses himself as bait while the others rescue Lucifer (Misha Collins). She wants him to be a part of her. And it’s only compounded by Chuck’s call to action that Dean and a few Chosen are the firewall between Light and Darkness.

Dean’s struggles and difficulties are discussed almost as much as Lucifer’s. They’re both disappointments to their fathers. They’re both extremely angry but they also love their fathers very much. It really speaks to the clip above about why it’s important that Lucifer speak to God before Cas. For all of the connections that Sam and Lucifer share, it’s Dean and Lucifer that might actually understand each other.

Stray Observations:

  • Sam was so adorable about the revelation of Chuck’s identity. He had some great questions that I too would like answers too about planets and ears!
  • Is anyone else concerned for Sam? I mean he was in the same car as Lucifer? Like that had to be traumatic! And now he’s in the Bunker? Like this has to feel uncomfortable, which is an understatement.
  • I am maintaining my wish that JDM makes an appearance this season! Especially after Chuck’s comment. Dean needs closure and to know he’s not garbage.
  • Now we have some context for that Misha tweet from St Patrick’s Day!
  • Metatron deserves a moment of silence for taking one for the team! But Curtis Armstrong specifically deserves some major applause for his performance. He has no idea how nuanced his performance of Metatron has been and his final moments were absolutely heart breaking, pleading with Amara not for his own life but for God and his Creation. For the thing he too has learned to love the most. It’s all so important! He was important! Far thee well, Metatron!
  • And just when you were thinking, “GOD! HELP THEM!” Chuck said he does answer the occasional prayer, which was basically a “God, loves Sam Winchester” moment and you cannot convince me otherwise!
  • Also Baby is in the Bunker! How much is Dean is going to freak out?
  • Chuck also kink shamed Dean, we should talk about that! That’s probably what happens when you tell God to cool it while he’s singing in the shower.
  • Robbie Thompson is leaving! The Supernatural family will miss him!

Next week is the beginning of the end! The Biblical Battle Royale!

Supernatural airs Wednesday 9/8c on The CW. Be sure to tune in!

The big takeaway in regards to all the problems everyone is facing on Supernatural is: It’s all relative. What did you think of all the relationships and similarities suggested? Are you excited to see Cas eventually meet God? Share all your feels in the comments!