‘The Blacklist’: Top 5 Wishes for the Season 3 Finale

With the Season 3 finale of ‘The Blacklist’ almost upon us, Hidden Remote counts down the top 5 things we want to see happen before it signs off!

The third season finale of NBC’s hit series The Blacklist airs this Thursday, which means fans have one more episode to go before it signs off for an entire summer.

As we know, The Blacklist has seen its fair share of ups and downs. As it has hurdled towards the end of its junior year, the result has been a rather mesmerizing final quarter. Of course, there are a few things we definitely want to see before the final moments of its latest, thrilling season concludes!

#5 – A Reasonable Explanation for Tom’s Exit
For the last three episodes of the season, Blacklist fans have been treated to an expanded 3-part backdoor pilot for the now confirmed Blacklist spin-off that will revolve around Tom (Ryan Eggold), his mother (Famke Jansen) and her merry band of helpers. The recently titled Blacklist: Redemption is certainly leaving this fan a little anxious. Not only for the quality of its origin series, but how exactly it will go about explaining why Tom will exit stage left, for a life that will presumably not include his possibly back-from-the-dead wife (more on that later) and baby daughter.

Photo from the episode “Alistair Pitt” used with permission from NBC Universal

#4 – Red’s Full Return to Power
The past few episodes of The Blacklist have been rough on our anti-hero, and it is high time for him to fully return to his enigmatically powerful self. Yes, he has been making major headway in the business of avenging Liz (Megan Boone) and sharing witty repartee with his nemeses. However, he has also had to overly rely on the help of Scottie (Jansen) and her shadow organization to achieve the former. The Season 1 version of Red (James Spader) would have never needed to outsource his personal bidding to a foe; especially when said foe played an integral role in Lizzie’s “death”.

#3 – A Status Update on Liz’s Ex-Boyfriend/Doctor
The last time we saw Nik (Peter Marek), the doctor who went to extraordinary lengths to save his former girlfriend and her baby, he was having a quiet chat with Red. A situation which seldom turns out well for the person Red is chatting with. At the very end of that stand alone episode (‘Cape May’), Nik was seen being shot at by Red as retribution for what he claimed was Nik’s failure to save Liz. While Red has done some disturbing things over the course of The Blacklist‘s three seasons, his bizarre logic for possibly killing Nik was positively ludicrous. If there is any justice, he shot beside the diligent doc, sparing him and viewers from a regrettable plot twist.

The Blacklist – NBC

#2 – Red’s Connection to Liz Revealed
Yes, it is a long shot but after last week’s penultimate episode readily revealed that Scottie is indeed Tom’s long-lost mother, it seems reasonable to hope that the long-awaited reveal of Liz’s true connection to Red is not far off. Viewers have already spent 66 episodes speculating as to their true connection and while it has been fun, now would be a great time to end the mystery and reveal their history.

#1 – The Return of Liz
If you believe that Liz is dead, I have a bridge to sell you that leads to Jon Snow’s grave. Liz is an integral part of the series. Her dynamic with Red serves as the crux to the entire show and – let’s face it – without her the series’ overall quality has seen a slight dip. She adds the requisite je ne sais quoi that boosts The Blacklist from bad-guy-nabbing procedural to character driven drama, and it needs her.

The Blacklist Season 3 Finale airs on NBC, Thursday May 19 at 10 pm ET.