25 Facts About ‘Orange Is The New Black’ That You Need to Know

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Orange is the New Black. Photo: Netflix

Orange is the New Black Season 4 is about to hit Netflix. Get in the know with 25 behind-the-scenes secrets from the show.

We’re so ready to go back to prison. The ladies of Litchfield captivate our hearts and minds every year with their stories, and this year promises to be insane. At the conclusion of Season 3, the prison was stepping up for double duty as bunk beds were being installed in the dorms. In Orange is the New Black Season 4, everyone is going to have to deal with overcrowding and a host of new faces. More inmates definitely means good news for us, but it’s really bad news for our favorite characters who are just trying to do their time in peace. (Well, mostly…)

Season 4 is going dark. Real dark. Take a peek at the trailer below and see with your very own crazy eyes:

It seems like the drama is ramping up in front of the cameras, but do you know all of your behind-the-scenes Orange is the New Black trivia?

Get ready to have some knowledge dropped on ya before Season 4 is released on June 17th. We’ve got 25 tidbits that will make you look at the show in a whole different way.

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