‘Young & Hungry’ Season 4, Episode 1 Preview: Honeymoon for One

This Wednesday on the ‘Young & Hungry’ Season 4 premiere, Gabi somehow finds herself on someone else’s honeymoon after having her heart broken by Josh yet again.

Get ready for another crazy season of Young & Hungry! This week, Young & Hungry‘s fourth season begins as Gabi is left to once again piece together her broken heart – this time after finding Josh with his therapist.

Season 4 picks up right where the Season 3 finale left off, with Gabi stuck on the plane to Australia  and dealing with her latest heartbreak. However, as seen in the clip below, Gabi isn’t the only one dealing with a broken heart. Gabi’s fellow passenger, Adam (guest star Tyler Ritter), has just left at the alter and is now enjoying his honeymoon (or oneymoon as Gabi calls it) alone. Soon the duo strike up a plan as Adam invites Gabi to join in on his trip to Hawaii – posing as his new wife,

Needless to say, Gabi takes Adam up on his offer as they two decide to pose as a happy couple in order to get back at Josh and Adam’s runaway bride Amanda (guest star Kelen Coleman). The duo make the most of their time at the couples-only Hawaiian resort – while posting their adventure all over social media in hopes of catching their exes’ attention.

Coincidentally, Elliot, Alan and Yolanda end up at the same couples-only resort – forcing them to think on their feet and act fast in order to keep their room. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that the manager will make an interesting assumption about the trio and their connection to each other!

Don’t miss the Young & Hungry Season 4 premiere Wednesday, June 1 at 8/7c on Freeform!