‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Character 411: Spencer Hastings

Freeform’s ‘Pretty Little Liars is getting ready to return for their seventh (and likely final) season so now is the perfect time to refresh your memory on ‘PLL’s’ central characters.

In this character 411, Hidden Remote explores the ins and outs of Pretty Little Liars’ perennial perfectionist Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario)…

Freeform: Pretty Little Liars

Quick Rundown: As the self-appointed leader of the “Liars,” Spencer has been calling the shots, ever since Ali (Sasha Pieterse) disappeared. Spencer hails from a very affluent family, which made her family neighbors with the equally prosperous DiLaurentises. High strung and well-read; Spencer is a force of nature, often using her adept intellectuality to treat the Liars’ latest dilemma as a chess exercise. Strong on strategy, she is the most practical and calm mannered member of the group.

One of Spencer’s life struggles has been a battle with prescription pill addiction. Throughout the seasons, she has remained rather obstinate about the implications of her affliction and tends to run away from acknowledging the seriousness of it. One of the Liars’ top resources, Spencer is also a devoted friend and worthy adversary to anyone who dares to cross them.

Fun Facts: As stated in Alison’s Character 411, the two share more than a backyard. Thanks to Spencer’s dad (and Ali’s mom) they have a biological, older half-brother named Jason (Drew Van Acker).

Romantic Status: Currently dating Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), the ex-boyfriend of Hanna (Ashley Benson); her fellow friend and Liar.

Pretty Little Liars – Freeform

Relationship Status with Each Liar

Alison – Due to their growing up as neighbors, Spencer and Ali (Sasha Pieterse) come into the group with a greater familiarity than Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna and Emily (Shay Mitchell). That native bond has given them a better understanding of each other and an unspoken camaraderie when it comes to having each other’s backs. Despite knowing everything she does about Ali, Spencer tends to give her the benefit of the doubt, while treating others with much graver suspicion.

Aria – Spencer and Aria aka “Sparia” are incredibly tight; arguably the tightest knit pair in the group. While there are many reasons that could explain their bond, both of Aria’s parents being educators and Spencer’s admiration for academia; certainly fuels a shared value system that helps contribute to their friendship.

Emily – Emily hardly ever questions Spencer’s role as the group’s avowed leader. Given this, the two tend to be on pretty firm footing. As the first Liar to befriend Toby (Keegan Allen), Spencer has Emily to thank for bringing her soul mate into the equation.

Hanna – Hanna and Spencer have always shared an implicit rivalry, which has only grown stronger since Hanna was accepted to more colleges than Spencer and scored super high on her SATs, without even trying. The result has been a challenge to Spencer’s status as the group’s “smartest” member. Since breaking girl code to pursue a relationship with Hanna’s ex (Caleb), their bond has grown more tenuous than ever before.

Distinction: Spencer is known for her brains and zealous pursuit of any suspicious party. Once a character gets on Miss Hastings’ radar, they have a next to impossible time shaking her off their trail.

Worst Crimes: Same as her friends, aiding in the firecracker throw that blinded Jenna (Tammin Sursok) and never showing much (if any) remorse for it.

Freeform: Pretty Little Liars

Greatest Rival: Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish)

Just like Alison, Spencer and Mona have been locked in a heated, years-long battle for the title of Rosewood’s smartest citizen. Whether it is as scholastic rivals, personal adversaries or part-time allies, Spencer is indefatigably suspicious of Mona and at one point, became so fixated on destroying her that she had a mental breakdown. Spencer has never been able to defeat Mona and when they have ferociously locked horns, it has gotten ugly. Since the 5-year time leap forward, Mona has made overtures for a truce and there appears to be real hope for one as the seventh season begins.

Season 7 Theory: Spencer is about as straightforward as they come so it is unlikely she is hiding anything; such as being “Emoji A.” The seventh season should find her trying to reconcile with Toby and ending Emoji A’s reign of terror.

Best Scene: Season 3, Episode 19: ‘What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted’ – Spencer and Mona’s nasty feud comes to a head when Mona succeeds in getting Spencer voted off of the academic decathlon team. When Mona taunts an already off-kilter Spencer, she gets a major surprise when Spencer looses it; jumping over the table to attack her. Spencer’s unusual loss of control makes this scene, highly memorable and a reminder that even Spencer can lose her cool.

To follow what happens with Spencer on Pretty Little Liars? Tune in to Freeform when the series returns Tuesday, June 21 at 8/7c to find out!