#EMMYSNUBS: ‘The Leftovers’ Left out of the Emmy’s Nominations

The Emmy nominations are out! And with that comes that shows and actors/actresses that are left out despite the exceptional writing and critically acclaimed performances. This year there’s one series in particular missing from the Outstanding Drama Series Category: ‘The Leftovers’

The HBO show’s second season brought with it a move from the doom and gloom of Mapleton, NY and a new opening title sequence, that changed the overall depressing doom and gloom. In a show that isn’t looking for answers, but instead explores what’s left after an inexplicable and tragic event, Damon Lindelof finds a perfect balance for his brand of overarching symbolism and the strength of a familial bond.

Season 2 of The Leftovers exceeded expectations and let the story of family and friendship be the guiding light and levity while also exploring what happens when we seek out conquer our demons. The imagery in Season 2, Episode 8 “International Assassin” was exquisite, which is why it’s shocking the series has been completely shut out of the Emmy Awards this year.

Carrie Coon & Regina King as Nora Durst & Erika Murphy in The Leftovers Photo: HBO

There’s more than enough that’s worth nominating. The writing is top notch, especially the Season 2 finale! But the core cast is the treasure of this show. Most specifically, Regina King, who joined the series at the beginning of the most recent season and it was just the shot in the arm, The Leftovers needed. She and Carrie Coon went toe-to-toe in Season 2, Episode 6 “Lens” and it’s a powerful scene that pushes the show forward while simultaneously forcing everyone to take a step back.

If there was any actor or actress who I though was a shoo-in for a nod today, it was Regina King! And frankly, she deserves to be nominated twice for American Crime as well, but that’s an entirely different topic. Then again I also never considered the fact that The Leftovers would be left out of every possible category, aside from the so-called “important ones.” That’s not to say that the shows that were nominated over The Leftovers aren’t good enough, but I have to wonder what exactly the show needs to do to get the award recognition it deserves. Regina King is but one actress in a cast where anyone of them would have been worthy, though I’d argue her biggest contender in this supporting cast is Ann Dowd.

On the other side of the ballot we have the series’  leading man Justin Theroux, who handled some of the wackier parts of the plot in a convincing and even sometimes funny performance. Conveying his own struggle and confusion while simultaneously making the whole thing not just believable but a worthwhile quest. We wanted to see Kevin Garvey succeed and the ending, in that regard, was beyond rewarding.

Sadly, the show itself won’t be getting any gold to prove just how emotionally complete Season 2 was. The good news is there’s always hope for season three! And if nothing else, we’ll always have this scene of Justin singing!

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