#EMMYSNUBS: ‘The Walking Dead’s Melissa McBride Consistent Performance Dismissed

Melissa McBride was once again excluded from the Emmy Awards as the Emmys  longstanding history of shutting out popular shows based on a specific genre continues.

The Emmys have a longstanding history of shutting out popular shows based on a specific genre. Just like the way the Oscars don’t generally nominate Horror Films, The Emmy Awards consistently leave out shows that don’t fit within the confines of the more popular categories. In the case of Melissa McBride’s turn as Carol Peletier in The Walking Dead the scrutiny of the judges seem to consistently write it off as a “zombie show.”

Although, they’re not wrong, Melissa herself has been quoted as saying it’s so much more! But for fans of the AMC show, we know it is. And while Season 6 didn’t quite live up to expectations, McBride’s performance has been consistent, despite the questionable writing choices.

Since Season 4 of The Walking Dead Carol has had to make difficult decision after difficult decision. We watched her rally after her Sophia’s death. But it was the fourteenth episode of Season 4, “The Grove,” that pushed Melissa’s abilities and Carol’s character to new heights. Forced to make a choice, which in the end was a kindness in this world, the show and Carol took an even darker turn than we could have ever expected! The episode also gave us one of the show’s most iconic lines (and something the Television Academy might want to lookout for after this snub). “Look at the flowers.”

Fast forward to Season 6, Carol was forced to confront her demons and this time, the emotional toll was too much. She entered into a weird and wildly unpopular relationship to hide behind her feelings. In the best episode of the season, (6×13) “The Same Boat,” Carol shows that she’s still a fighter. Unfortunately the idea that this is the life they live now finally catches up with her and, in the end, she makes the decision to leave the group. Of course the causality list continues and the finale found her in an extremely precarious situation. She’s accepted the fact that she will die and seems okay with that but Morgan (Lennie James) breaks his own personal “No Kill” rule to save her.

Unfortunately, all the torture porn, isolation to push Carol to this breaking point was for nothing. Obviously there’s a greater story arc that will play out but in reality, those extraordinary scenes that still bring tears to our eyes have been written off by the Emmy’s once again. And it’s a mystery as to why. She was featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s Supporting Actors Class Photo!

It makes sense that the network and showrunners want at least a nod. A nomination would break barriers within the Television Academy that elude most genre-specific shows. The Walking Dead is also one of the most popular shows on TV and by leaving one the series’ most critically acclaimed actors out, it makes the Emmys themselves seem slightly out of touch with what the masses are actually watching as opposed to the quality TV that people should be watching.

In any case, whatever Season 7 has in store we know Melissa McBride will continue to showcase her indomitable talent and one day, the Emmys will realize exactly what this competition has been missing.

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier in The Walking Dead Photo: AMC

Considering the sad fact that Reality TV gets it’s own category, perhaps it’s time the Emmys made one for the fantasy/scifi genre but this is definitely a more in-depth discussion for another time!

I’m not to say the Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series category itself isn’t already full of worthy contenders (and THREE Game of Thrones actresses!) but it is questionable why Melissa in particular doesn’t also qualify. What’s even more concerning is that, because this is clearly a major goal of those behind The Walking Dead, we will once again be forced to watch Carol do nothing but suffer for the “art.” But hopefully they’ll find a way to keep the raw emotion she provides to every scene and still give her something happy.

Melissa deserves an Emmy and Carol also deserves nice things!

The 68th Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel air LIVE Sunday, September 18 beginning at 7/6c. Be sure to tune in!

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