‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Trailer Breakdown Discussion

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 trailer is here and, with it, a bunch of new stuff and things to discuss!

Friday’s SDCC schedule gave us The Walking Dead panel and, with it, lots of hype for Season 7. We’re skeptical to trust the often ambiguous promises that it’ll be worth the wait and, “It’ll blow fans away,” because we’ve heard it all before. And, after Season 6’s numerous takeout deaths – culminating in the POV shot heard around the world – it was hard to trust exactly what we would get in today’s trailer. Luckily, the showrunners didn’t come completely empty handed!

In fact, we got much more than we expected. (I may or may not have clapped when they showed Caryl footage for the little clips alongside Daryl (Norman Reedus) facing Lucille.) And while, in the end, the whole thing was a tease, there’s enough new footage and newish characters to rekindle our interest.

Which means we couldn’t help taking a critical look at the material we did get. Some of you might be familiar with our Game of Thrones discussion series. Where my colleague Erin Qualey and I would talk about the coming episodes and our hopes and dreams and everything in between! They were a lot of fun to create, so instead of the traditional trailer breakdown we took the same idea and decided to use it for The Walking Dead!

This time another colleague, Sandy Perez, joined me as we navigated the trailer and the excitements and disappointments that came with it!

Season 7 Trailer Discussion

Julie: That was much more exciting than I expected! I admit I did roll my eyes during the clips of each of the characters in the line-up and their classic moments. I mean it worked to capture who they all are but I was afraid we wouldn’t see much else in the three minutes, considering AMC’s intent to keep Lucille’s victim very very secret. It’s sad that someone sitting at that panel isn’t really a part of the show anymore.

The show has a long way to go to earn back my trust after the cliffhanger. That statement is tame in comparison to how salty I still am over the situation. But in any case, I’m pleased with what we got! I have to go through it scene by scene to catch the smaller stuff. Im impressed that we got so much on the Kingdom, and Shiva looks pretty good! And we did get that great line from Carol (Melissa McBride) toward the end that’s kind of the epitome of being a Walking Dead fan.

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier in The Walking Dead Photo: AMC Gif: chatnoirs-baton via Tumblr

Sandy: How exciting is that? I’m always bummed when The Walking Dead wraps up a season, then quickly forget about it. That is, until the trailer drops! All the feels rush back, and I remember just how much I love this show!

Ha! I also am still salty about the cliffhanger, but I’m willing to forgive if the Season 7 premiere is amazing. They were very clever to keep who Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed under wraps. They didn’t show anyone that’s not in Negan’s line up!

I was afraid not much would be shown because, like you said, the clips of each character lined up in front of Negan was kinda annoying. I kept looking at the time hoping it would end with plenty of time for more ACTUAL footage of Season 7.

Shiva looks amazing! I love the Kingdom reveal. So happy to see my girl Carol doing so well. Too well, maybe? Not sure where she is in her scene or why she’s so bubbly.

Khary Payton & Shiva as Ezekiel in The Walking Dead Photo: AMC Gif: heartfulloffandoms via Tumblr

Julie: I actually started watching the series about this time last year and it was a whirlwind, that actually lead me to Hidden Remote! Which is why I hold the show in as high regard as I do. It’s also why the Season 6 finale was such a let down! It’s funny because I too kept checking how much time was left in the trailer. I think while all our fave characters have been experiencing high levels of PTSD for the past six seasons, we were having flashbacks to the 90 minute finale that left us with ten minutes of solid content and absolutely zero payoff. That aside, the trailer did have some key moments. Also starting the little “clip show” with Glenn (Steven Yeun) was an extremely low-blow (pun maybe intended?!).

It was great that Carol had a moment, especially since Melissa wasn’t invited to SDCC this year. There’s always hope for NYCC though! Her demeanor is a bit alarming they certainly gave us a lot to worry about. Also, plenty of Negan, which I’m completely fine with!

Austin Amelio as Dwight in The Walking Dead Photo: AMC Gif: fuckyeahthewalkindead via Tumblr

Comic book readers know that Dwight (Austin Amelio) becomes pivotal in the coming arc and it was interesting to see some of that hinted at. I’m excited to see Negan’s version of leadership, not just in opposition to Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln). There was one scene in particular where it looks like he’s inside Alexandria sitting with Olivia (Ann Mahoney) and it’s mildly alarming! He should leave her alone! I do love Negan though, he’s a great villain.

Sandy: Pun intended indeed! Haha. Those were my thoughts exactly. When it started with Glenn’s flashback, I thought “Oh. No. They. Didn’t!” But then everyone got a moment and I just rolled my eyes hoping it would be over soon so we can see the real trailer.

I love Negan. This is like Negan’s trailer, which I’m fine with. It feels refreshing from all previous Walking Dead trailers focusing on Rick and the others. That part of him at Alexandria with Olivia could be that moment from the comics! Spencer is there, too….so maybe?

Julie: It would make sense with that cell Morgan (Lennie James) was building before Carol left. Curious to see Spencer (Austin Nichols) do a little more than high-wire acts. He’s not as diplomatic or calculated as his mother.  Kind of surprised they’re not drawing some of that out, although it does make sense for even Alexandrians to start choosing sides. And I’m okay with them getting to the point. I think we’ve all had enough of drawing arcs out since back with The Governor (David Morrissey) in season four!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead Photo: AMC Gif: christopherkeller via Tumblr

I hope the show stops with some of the theatrics and goes back to the more grounding aspects like the characters. I love how you can change your mind about them over time. Especially in characters that seemed adversarial like the first time we met Hershel (Scott Wilson) and on the opposite side of that Shane (Jon Bernthal). I don’t think they need to garner up sympathy for Negan. In fact, I’d love if they did away with all the manpain, but one of the best things about The Walking Dead is the way it makes you wonder how you would react in the zombie apocalypse! Or what kind of group you would be part of. Like the fundamental differences between Rick and Negan in terms of leadership, it just boils down to their very personal philosophies.

It’s a great way of looking at it like it’s Negan’s trailer. And it really does give us more insight into the Saviors. It was interesting seeing all these characters we don’t really know and I’m eager for a lot of those scenes make sense! The trailer is actually full of quite a few goodies. Specifically I spotted Jesus in a couple of scenes being a ninja. There’s definitely a bigger clash coming and it’s between the living. The reality is a three minute trailer isn’t going to distract us from that line-up. The trailer did do a good job reminding us that there is hope for this show, too bad we still need to wait until October 23rd!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead Photo: AMC Gif: the-walking-dead-art via Tumblr

Sandy: You’re right. The trailer distracts us for several minutes, but then I went back to “Yes, awesome, but who died? I’m still mad at you!” It’s a love hate relationship we can’t get enough of.

I did love the scenes with Jesus. And it’s interesting that they added that scene with Tara in the end, I wonder where she’ll fall in the mix. Also, now that you mention it and time has passed, as great as it was to see “Negan’s trailer,” I now wish I could have seen our favorite characters in more than just flashbacks and kneeling in the line up. October can’t get here soon enough!

The Walking Dead returns Sunday Oct 23rd! Be sure to tune in!

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